In the descriptions of some Samsung products, you can find such a product characteristic as an infinite screen. But what exactly we get, having a TV with such a screen, not everyone can immediately understand. But we will explain what is the infinite screen in Samsung TVs and other devices.

What is the Infinity Screen TV

Infinity Screen – with such a screen can be a TV, a monitor or a smartphone and means that the device has a very small frame around the screen. If you look at a TV with this screen, of course, no infinite screen is out of the question, but the image on such a screen looks much more pleasant, because when you look at it, you do not pay attention to the frame around the screen, your attention is not distracted by the frame around the screen. A TV that has a very small frame around the screen looks stylish and blends in very nicely with the room, especially if you use Ambient Mode wallpaper for your TV.

Modern technology allows you to make a TV screen that does not require a massive frame to mount the screen, as a rule, these are televisions that have a direct screen backlighting, the backlighting LEDs are located behind the screen. As a result, such a screen can be mounted in a very thin frame or make a TV even without a frame. Like any appliance manufacturer, Samsung advertises its products using marketing tricks. The name Infinity Screen has been given to televisions and other products whose screen design minimizes the size of the frame around the screen.

Infinity screen phones

Samsung phones also use an infinity display, by this we mean a screen with virtually no frame. As a rule, displays with rounded edges are called Infinity screens. In Samsung smartphones, the infinity screen is found in the following products Galaxy Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Fold, Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8 and S8+

Infinity Screen mean explained

Well, to explain in simple terms. It’s just another marketing ploy to come up with and register some name for an ordinary display. The exact same screens can be found in other manufacturers’ phones, but since Samsung owns the rights to the Infinity screen trademark, the displays can only be called that in Samsung phones. This is the use of psychological tricks from the category of adding the prefix super, remember, it was very popular 20 years ago. Subconsciously people perceive it as something better.

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