PurColor (Samsung), what is it?


What is purcolor TV Samsung

PurColor technology is a program designed to improve the quality of color reproduction on a TV screen. Designed by Samsung for use in televisions, it comes with the Tizen operating system for Samsung TVs.

How to achieve improvement in image quality.

How does PurColor work on TV?

This technology is used in televisions UHD, usually get a picture with a resolution of less than UHD, between two points there are free pixels, or they can fill pixels having the same color, or you can make a smooth transition by creating a better image (color reproduction). When receiving a signal processor compares several points, but between them free pixels and fills them in the most suitable color. That’s how achieved higher quality color reproduction.


The Purcolor system is patented by Samsung as a commercial name. Note that it is used in televisions of the lower price segment with matrices that support the 60Hz refresh rate.

Pur color explained

Purcolor is a program installed on the TV that additionally processes the image to improve the image quality. Not used in televisions with high-quality screens and a color depth of 10 bits. Additional image processing requires processor resources, while showing dynamic scenes, resources may not be enough. Also works only with images that have a low resolution. TruColor does not work when displaying high-resolution video because it cannot fix anything.

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