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Panasonic Television Viera models number

Panasonic TVs 2020

Overview of Panasonic 2020 TVs. Especially of course there is nothing new. If we consider the model numbers of TVs, then there are changes in the designation of the year of development of the TV model H-2020. In some top models, new technologies are used that improve the image quality of Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ.

Panasonic TV Model Number Types

Televisions Panasonic marked a fairly simple labeling laid information about the type of the TV screen, the year of development model series as well as for the country which made the TV model.

There are two types of television labeling, which is due to the region in which TVs will be sold.

  • TX-55EZ952B
  • TX-65DXR900

The marking is almost the same, only the location of the letter designating the region for which the TV is designed differs.

From 2014 Panasonic turned off the sale of televisions in the US periodically pops up information about the resumption of sales in the market in the US but as of 2020, the resumption of access to the US TV Panasonic has not happened yet. Although the likelihood of resuming sales is very high, because the market in this country is huge.

Decode Panasonic television model number 2014-2020.

Explain what the model number means

TX – region, all TVs are produced for three regions Europe, the American continent, Asia and Oceania.

What year is my TV Panasonic?

The year of development of the TV model is indicated by a letter that can be placed either last, or maybe before the series.Looking at the letter in the model number, you can find out what year the TV model is. Specifically, the date of assembly of the TV can be found on the sticker on the TV. She is behind the TV.

  • A – 2014
  • С – 2015
  • D – 2016
  • E -2017
  • F– 2018
  • G – 2019
  • H – 2020

The next letter indicates the type of screen.

  • S – Full HD
  • X – UHD
  • R – Curved UHD
  • Z – OLED

What country is Panasonic TV made for?

The letter before the series indicates the country for which the TV is made.

  • A – Australia
  • B – Brazil, Ireland, Great Britain,
  • D – IndiaE – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey
  • R – Russia, Ukraine
  • M – Africa
  • H – Hong Kong
  • V – Vietnam
  • U – New Zealand
  • Q – South Africa
  • W-Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan
  • X – Mexico
  • S – Singapore
  • No – Canada, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan,

800 – series and model of TV in the series.


2019, Panasonic also introduced 5 models of OLED TVs. There are no particular differences compared to the 2018 models. Of the features in the top models of HDMI ports of the new standard 2.1


In 2018 Panasonic TVs are offered both in the previous year and two types of OLED and LED TVs. OLED TVs have only three models and as usual OLED matrices are purchased from LG. LED TVs with UHD resolution occupy 80% of produced TVs. with a Full HD resolution, TVs in the 5 series are available.


This year TV models are similar to the models of 2016. Support HDR, quality screens, a line of TVs with UHD screens and OLED screens.

2014 Panasonic revolutionized the principle of marking their TV, got marked (example) TX-42ASR600. Until 2014, the year of release denotes the last digit.

Changes in labeling likely due to the fact that in 2014 discontinued the release of plasma panels and TV production will focus only on the LCD panel.

Panasonic Viera old models 2011-2013 explain the model number


  • VIERA-brand, used to refer to televisions manufactured by Panasonic.
  • TX-TV    TX – region      TX-хххххххх
  • L– LCD       TX-Lххххххх
  • P– panasonic plasma tv models   TX-Pххххххх
  • 42screen diagonal TX-LR42ххххDT-series  TX-LR42DTхх
  • 50– year of development    TX-LR42DT50
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  1. Hi, could you please tell me what year our television is
    Model number: TH-37PX60B it’s a viera with a built in stand.
    Thank you
    John Scrivens

  2. Can you please help and confirm the year make of my TV, thanks.
    Panasonic – Viera Model# TH-L55ET5A Serial# MN2560942

    The problem I have is that YouTube occasionally drops out on TV.
    The TV is hardwired to Modem via Ethernet cable with good internet reception as I can watch YouTube on my I-Phone via Wi-Fi from same Modem no problem.

    Appreciate your help & Cheers,

    • LCD model for Oceania
      Maybe the TV does not have enough memory, delete unnecessary applications and clear the memory cache.

  3. I have an old Panasonic TV Model # TX-68P82Z Serial # MJ142 0120
    Bought in New Zealand but I don’t remember when. Can you please help?

  4. Could you tell me the year of my Panasonic Viera TV please? Model TC-P42X3.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi, could you add a section on the year of Panasonic plasmas? I know the second 2 digit number shows this (10, 20, 30, 60 etc) but don’t know what they mean. Is VT65 newer than VT60? They usually go up in tens so it’s not clear whether the 65 is newer or simply a different specification.

      • OK, thanks.
        Are you aware of any differences in the TH and TX plasmas apart from then region? Some TH models must have been sold in the UK, as used TH plasmas often appear for sale here. I saw a post on an AV forum claiming the TH models were made in Turkey by Vestel and are therefore inferior.

        I’ve seen some TH models with an “80” for the year code – i.e TH-P42X80B. Do you know when this was made? It’s a bit confusing – i assume this must be newer than 2013-14 – the ZT60/65 is the last plasma Panasonic made as far as I know.

        Superb site BTW – very helpful. I don’t understand why Panasonic themselves don’t do something like this.

        Thanks for your hard work.

  6. TC-29P80K ? . If this 29 inch tv have at another country example at europe . So what that code has become? . Cause i’m searching that model 29 inch remote . Hm

    • 2012
      available software updates

      Date/Version Description
      Jun. 23, 2020
      Ver. 1.269
      Improve network applications.
      Jun. 24, 2014
      Ver. 1.267
      Improvement of network functions.
      Nov. 5, 2013
      Ver. 1.266
      Improvement of the Wifi connectoin and BBC HTML issue.
      Jun. 5, 2013
      Ver. 1.265
      Improvement of E.P.G.
      Sep. 25, 2012
      Ver. 1.261
      Improvement of browser.
      Jun. 19, 2012
      Ver. 1.256
      Improvement of Viera connect functions.
      Apr. 26, 2012
      Ver. 1.253
      Support Skype TV functionality.
  7. i need to know what year is my Viera please. Serial No.NG2310016 and model TXL47ET5B.I want to use Bluetooth on my MacBook Pro (EL Capitan) to cast to the TV.I’m told the TV should be post 2012 model for this to work.Thank you.

    • For your TV, released in 2020 software update
      version 1.269.
      What has been changed in the new version: improvement of network applications.

  8. What is the difference between the suffix B and BZ?
    I know that B denotes the UK but I’m seeing TX-55HX580B and TX-55HX580BZ.
    The Panasonic website shows the boxed heights are slightly different.
    Do they have different stands?

      • FYI,
        Panasonic tell me the “Z” just denotes a later batch and has different packaging, hence the extra 15mm height and 0.5kg weight.

        Had the same query a few years ago with SC-BT105EB9.
        Turned out the “9” was just a later batch.

    • You can buy devices working on WiFi and receive streaming video, connect to the TV via HDMI. You may need a paid subscription to streaming services

      Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)

    • TH-37PV71FA – 2006 year
      It is plasma, it is very heavy 23kg. Plasma panels burn out, service life up to 15 years, under normal use.

  9. I can find the specification for this panasonic viera model TH-L32A10x2 can anyone help, thanks.

    • TH – TV for region Asia and Oceania.
      32 – 32-inch screen
      G – TV 2019 year
      There is no letter for screen resolution, which means HD resolution.
      2 – series
      50 model
      N – country

  10. Can anyone tell me the what is the difference between TH-46U20M and TH-46U30M, both are Viera Plasma 46inch TV. I have both TV model sitting 20 different countries, 20M is not working, I would like to know if I take the 30M model board and replace the 20M model main board ?

  11. Can anyone tell me the what is the difference between TH-46U20M and TH-46U30M, both are Viera Plasam 46inch TV. I have both TV model sitting 20 different countries, 20M is not working, I would like to know if I take the 30M model board and replace the 20M model main board ?

  12. Hi I’m Sanjeewa

    I looking for buy Panasonic TV . The model is TH-43ES630N .
    Could you tell make year and made country of the above model


  13. My Panasonic model is TH43GS506MF

    Could you tell the Made country of the above model and the Year of manufacture

    • In some models, a letter indicating the region to which promoted the TV moved to the forward TX-40CXE720 (TX-40CX720E) – TV for European countries, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland.


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