What is Pixel Dimming? Pixel Dimming vs Pixel Level Dimming OLED TV


What is pixel level dimming on OLED TVs

Pixel Dimming dimming technology for OLED displays, LG. LG used Pixel Dimming at first, but then Pixel Level Dimming appeared on some TV models.

Pixel Level Dimming vs Pixel Dimming, these are different names for the same technology, there is no difference between them. Anyway, this is not technology, it’s just a marketing name.

How Pixel Level Dimming Works

On LG OLED TVs, the backlight can work at the pixel level. The TV works without local dimming; TVs on OLED screens do not need local dimming. On the part of manufacturers, this is simply a publicity stunt, more focused on the psychology of the buyer. For example, a buyer is considering buying an 8-series TV with a NanoCell screen, the technical specifications indicate the presence of local dimming. If the buyer is looking at the OLED TV and the technical specifications do not say that there is local dimming, the buyer will think that the OLED TV has less technical capabilities. Therefore, the presence of dimming at the pixel level is indicated.

Local dimming
Local dimming

pixel dimming
pixel dimming


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