Who makes Honor phones


Honor brand who owns

Honor brand is a brand of Chinese company Huawei. Phones are made in China at Huawei factories. Huawei has allocated the Honor brand as a separate unit that promotes and sells Honor phones. But the Honor division is in the state of Huawei, a virtual division.

Why Huawei launched the second brand Honor

Many write that Huawei allocated Honor phones as a separate unit in 2013, since these phones were positioned for a youth audience. But it is not so. To enter the handset market, Huawei initially manufactured mid-range phones of mediocre quality; in the main audience, Huawei phones were positioned as mediocre devices. With the growth of phone sales, it was necessary to change the image of devices, a new brand was invented that should not have been associated with buyers with Huawei. The quality of manufacturing Honor phones has been given more attention. For example, better screens and body material, although the platforms on which Honor and Huawei phones were developed are the same.

Also during this period, Huawei began to expand into the markets of Europe and America. Negotiations were conducted with large mobile operators on the sale of Huawei and Honor phones along with mobile communication packages, for 10-20% of the cost of the device.

Thanks to the efforts of the company among many buyers, Honor phones have become a separate brand not associated with Huawei. This practice is the standard on the home appliance market and many companies produce devices under several brands. For example, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Zelmer are brands of the Bosch-Siemens concern with quality and price.


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