Will a TV bought in the US work in Mexico and Canada


To answer this question briefly the TV will work, but there may be some peculiarities. Yes if you bring a TV from another country, we will only look at North America in this article, you will be able to turn the TV on with almost no problem and it will work. Let’s take a closer look at what might affect the TV in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

U.S., Canadian, Mexican electrical standards

The electrical grid standards are pretty much the same, the electrical plugs on the power cord to the TV are also the same. You’ll have no problem plugging in your TV and it will work. You don’t have to worry about it at all, your TV will work in any country in North America.

Digital TV standards in the USA, Canada, Mexico

Over-the-air broadcast and cable TV in Mexico, Canada and the USA work to the same standards, you will be able to watch over-the-air or cable TV on your TV, no matter what country the TV was purchased in. For reference, over-the-air digital broadcasting in the US, Canada and Mexico is ATSC standard, cable TV works in ClearQAM standard.
So we know that a TV bought in the US is compatible with the electric grid and broadcast systems in Mexico and Canada.

Smart TV on TVs in the US, Canada, Mexico

Smart, as we all know, is the ability of the TV to connect to the Internet and show streaming video for this can use a browser, but it’s not convenient. It’s more practical to use specially designed programs, so-called apps, an app is developed for one particular video streaming service. Note that the applications on the TV in these countries are almost the same, the TV manufacturers install by default the most common applications for video content, for example, in any modern TV you will see Amazon, Youtube or Netflix, but there are also applications that work only in one country.
When setting up the TV, the operating system specifies the region in which the TV will be sold and subsequently operate. This is also not important, you can change the country in the TV settings. Depending on the TV manufacturer, changing the region setting may be available either in the main menu or the service menu.

Differences in TV models in the U.S., Canada, Mexico

Although the TV models are the same, there are differences in the full designation of the TV model number. This is not because of differences in equipment or software. Manufacturers use different model numbers to know what country the TV will be sold in. This is needed for warranty repair and follow-up service.

TV warranty in the U.S., Canada, Mexico

The manufacturer’s warranty may vary, it depends on the law or local conditions. But you should know, if you buy a TV in the US and bring it to Mexico, you lose the right to warranty service if the TV breaks down. As an option, of course you can bring it back and have it repaired in the US. Samsung TVs in Mexico are covered under the warranty as follows: Products that are not sold in Mexico or that were not purchased in the Republic of Mexico (e.g., for personal use, direct purchase overseas) may be repaired at cost if the unit is repairable.

U.S. TV Warranty

In the U.S., the basic warranty rules are as follows, TVs have a 1-year warranty, if the TV was used for commercial purposes, the warranty is reduced to 90 days. Televisions with a screen size greater than 40 inches are only repaired at a service center.

TV warranty in Canada

The warranty is one year, but because of the large distances between cities in Canada, it is usually stipulated in the warranty that transporting the TV to the service center is the responsibility of the customer.

TV warranty in Mexico

In Mexico, televisions have a standard one year warranty.


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