Asus produces quite a lot of laptops, and series of laptops also quite a lot. Laptops Asus have a model number. Classification of laptops is as follows, the name of the series, the model number of the laptop, the model specification.

The structure of the model number of a laptop Asus

Model number of the laptop, if you look at the full designation, it is composed of several parts. The full model name of the Asus laptop looks, for example, Asus ZenBook 15 UX534FTC-A8101T can be explained as follows.

  • Asus is a brand
  • ZenBook – series of laptops
  • 15 – screen diagonal size 15 inches
  • UX534FTC – model number
  • A8101T is a modification of the laptop model

The modification number of the A8101T is practically not specified anywhere, as it contains information about the laptop elements to be replaced, such as screen, processor, hard disk or SSD memory capacity. There can be about ten laptop modifications, each model of the laptop is different. This information is practically necessary only for service centers to repair, by the modification number they can find out the complete set of the laptop, and stores need to properly account for the goods. The simple buyer does not need this information as it is difficult to use. For the buyer, the manufacturer shall specify all these parameters in a brief description of the laptop.

Laptop model numbers differ depending on the series of laptops, it is most likely due to the fact that the laptops are produced by different factories. Let us have a closer look at what the model number of a laptop means.

Model number of the ZenBook Series

Example of decoding a laptop model Asus UX534FTC

  • U – Ultra, a slim laptop is usually a laptop for everyday work.
  • X is the type of processor you are using
    • X – Intel
    • M – AMD
  • 5 – the size of the screen, diagonals in inches, note that the diagonal of the screen will not necessarily be for example 15 inches, the actual size of the screen can be 15.6 inches.
    • 3 – 13 inches
    • 4 – 14 inches
    • 5 – 15 inches
    • 7 – 17 inches
  • 34 – laptop model
  • FTC – type of the main board, which generation of processor can be installed, type of supported memory. These symbols have no special information, they are more needed to distinguish the models of laptops, during the production of the model of the laptop, there may be several modifications.

ASUS game leptop model numbers

Asus has two lines of game laptops ROG series and TUF series.
ROG series of laptops has designation of numbers of models similar to other series of laptops, but the name of each model of laptops is added. For example, the model ROG Zephyrus S17 GX701LV laptop can be explained as follows.

  • ROG – a series of laptops Republic of Gamers
  • Zephyrus S17 – laptop name
  • G – gaming laptop
  • X – Intel processor
  • 7 – screen size
  • 01 – ROG laptop model
  • LV – type of main board modification

The TUF series also has a commercial name, from 2020, Asus began using the abbreviated name TUF Gaming A15, although the full name of the model TUF Gaming A15 FA506II. Let us explain what the model number means.

  • F – a series of laptops TUF
  • A – CPU manufacturer
    • A – AMD
    • X – Intel
  • 5 – screen diagonal size
  • 06 – model
  • II – type of main board

Chromebook ASUS Model Numbers

In the ASUS Chromebook series, the marking is a bit simplified, but also identical to other laptop series. But the model numbers have a slight difference, the laptops are low-power and don’t use AMD processors, only low-power Intel processors, so the model number has less characters and looks like ASUS Chromebook C204EE. Chromebook ASUS laptop model number means the following.

  • C – Chromebook series
  • 2 – screen diagonal size 12 inches
  • 04 – laptop model
  • EE – modification

ASUS VivoBook Model Numbers

VivoBook is quite an extensive line of inexpensive laptops, from time to time in ViviBook there are new directions for laptops, such as VivoBook S Series. Therefore, in this series of laptops, everything is a little more complicated, the first letter can indicate not only the type of processor, but for example, indicates that the laptop belongs to the S series, such as ASUS VivoBook S13 S333EA, but otherwise the designation is similar to other series.
S13 – says that it is an S-series laptop, with a screen size of 13 inches, model number S333EA, is deciphered as follows

  1. S – series S, there may be other letters F, K, P, X.
  2. 3 – screen diagonal size
  3. 33 – laptop model
  4. EA – modification

ASUS ExpertBook model number decoder

Model numbers of Expert series have several directions of Essential, Premium, Advanced, but it is more marketing, full model number ExpertBook B9450CEA. And it can be deciphered by analogy with the Asus series, only the first two letters mean that the laptop belongs to the ExpertBook series.

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