What is Peak mode in Samsung TVs


If you’re interested in setting up Samsung TVs, you can find the peak mode setting in the secret menu under Shop option settings. Now I’ll tell you what this setting is for and what it does. But first of all, let’s look at the Shop Option menu and see what it is all about.

Shop Option, what is it?

Shop option are television settings that will be applied if the television is used as a demo item in a store. In this case you can set the demonstration mode in the store. This is a special mode, it is in any TV Samsung. But the purpose of this mode is very simple, to show the customer the best side of the TV. Now let’s move on to peak mode

Peak mode how it works

Peak mode is a mode in which all the settings that affect picture quality are set with large parameters. Brightness, contrast, color are set at a higher level, almost to the maximum. If the TV setting, Peak Mode is enabled, then the following happens.
If the TV set has been switched to a demonstration mode in the store, this, by the way, can be done from the main menu. Any consultant in the store can do this. This is done to simplify the picture quality settings in the store. All these parameters can be set manually, but it takes longer. After turning on the mode (in the store), the image shown by the TV, will have more brightness, contrast, and more saturated colors. Buyers who come into the store to see the TV, will be shown an improved image.

Note that this setting does not work if the TV is in home viewing mode. That’s why this setting is in the option menu for stores.

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