Sceptre TV models number

Identification of Scepter TV models is far from perfect, the fact is that Scepter is not involved in the development of TV models, but only makes assemblies from ready-made components. Of course, there is some sense in the model number, but there is very little useful information. 

It can be noted that when decoding the notation it is possible to understand what screen resolution is in the TV, the diagonal of the screen, although here one must pay attention to the fact that a TV having a diagonal marking of 50 inches can actually have a 49 inch matrix.

More details about TV models can be found in the article Televisions Sceptre review 2014-2018 comparative table .You can see the label of the Sceptre TV in the image.

Decode model number Sceptre  TV 2014-2020

Type TV Sceptre

  • С– TV screen type or line of TVs, C- curved, U – UHD, E – series E, X – series X.
  • 65 – screen diagonal
  • 8 – the type of chassis in the TV does not carry much information, this figure serves mainly to increase the range of marking of the TV.
  • С – in models with a UHD screen indicates that the TV belongs to the UHD series. In the E and X series, the color of the TV is indicated.
  • V – means that this TV has only a tuner, TVs with built-in DVD players have the letter D.
  • U– denotes the screen resolution, U-UHD, F – Full HD, S – HD.
  • M – TV modification

How to find out what year the TV Sceptre

  • R – year of development of the TV. R – 2017, S – 2016, C-2015, K – 2014.  Since 2017, it is practically impossible to determine which year the TV model is. But it seems that it is not particularly important that the same TV model can be produced for several years, only the design and model number changes.
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