You’ve probably heard of the Sceptre brand of televisions. If you’ve been doing some research, you’ve read praise about the 2023 TVs and how this company is an industry leader, but now I’m going to tell you how things are.

Sceptre Inc. is incorporated in the United States, but its roots are in China. It’s a company that sells Chinese-made TVs under the Sceptre brand and handles warranty issues and contracts with repair shops to repair the TVs. 

For your information, the company has yet to introduce a single new Sceptre TV model from 2020 to September 2023. All TVs offered are 2017-2020 models. These are mostly older TVs that have already been imported into the US. Why this happened needs to be clarified. We can only assume that it didn’t just happen; there are reasons. It could be a drop in sales, and there’s no point in releasing new models even though the cost is minimal; maybe it’s company policy, or Sceptre has decided to leave the TV and monitor market altogether. 

Are Sceptre TVs good TVs or not?

Let’s say that knowing the history of Sceptre TVs, and I’ve been following them since 2014, we can say that they are a budget brand. Their TV models are about five years behind the top brands. For example, until 2016, Sceptre had TV models with built-in DVD players; this approach was popular until 2010. Imagine a swing with price on one side and quality on the other. Sceptre pays more attention to price.

List of Sceptre TV models by year

I used to collect information about Sceptre TV models, but now I decided to make a table of TV models by year. Asterisks will indicate the screen size of the TV model so you can make the table smaller and friendlier. This way, you can find out what year the TV model is. For example, I saw some new 2017 Sceptre TVs on eBay that were not expensive.

12020U***CV-UMRB (UMCC) (UMRD)
22020A***CV-UMC (U) (UMRD)
32020A***BV-FSRC (SRC)
42020U***CV-EHC (UME) (UMRK) (UMC)
72019X***BV-FSR (FSRA) (FSRC)
82018U***CV-UMRR (UMR) (UMKR) (UMKN) (UMC)
92018X***BV-SRN (FMQR6) (FSR) (FSRC) (SRC)
112017X***BV-FMQRR (FSR) (SR) (FR)
122017U***CV-UMR (UM08R) (UMS)
132016E***BD-SR (SRR) (FR)
192015E***BV-SS (SR) (FMQKC) (FMQCC) (FMQC)
202015E***WD-SS (WQR)
222015E***BD-SS (FC) (SMQK) (SR) (FMQC) (FMQR)
242015U***CV-UMC (UMK)

Sceptre TV models number decode

Scepter’s identification of TV models could be better; the fact is that Scepter does not develop TV models but only sells them. And it doesn’t make sense to divide TVs into models by year – a TV from 2016 is practically the same as one from 2019. But you can still get some information from the model number.

Decode model number Sceptre  TV 2014-2020

Sceptre TV model number decoding example:

  • C – TV series and feature
    • C – Curved
    • U – UHD resolution
    • E – series
    • X – series
    • A – series (TV Android)
  • 51 – screen diagonal, why 51, the TV does not have a standard 50.5 inch screen.
  • 5 – series of the TV, do not pay much attention.
  • C – the color of the TV body
  • V – means that this TV has only a tuner, TVs with built-in DVD-players have the letter D, now not used.
  • U – indicates the resolution of the screen,
    • U-UHD
    • F – Full HD
    • S – HD
  • UMKN – modification of the TV set.

How to find out what year your Sceptre TV is

To find out what year of TV you will have to try hard. The manufacturer has tried to remove information about it in manuals and so on. Use the table I have given above. You can read TV reviews and find out when sales began. This is the most reliable way to find out the age of the Sceptre TV. As a last resort, post a comment, and I will try to help you.

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