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Who makes Sceptre TVs and monitors

Sceptre is a registered company in the United States. Its headquarters are located in California. It should be noted that TVs are not the...

Sceptre TV model number decoder, models by year

You've probably heard of the Sceptre brand of televisions. If you've been doing some research, you've read praise about the 2023 TVs and how...

TV brands, their history, who owns TV brands

Many well-known television brands have changed their business models in today's market. Some have stopped producing televisions, sold their businesses and trademarks, or licensed...

Why do you see closed captioning instead of subtitles on your...

There is a difference between closed captioning and closed captioning. That's why TV broadcasts closed captioning instead of subtitles...
How to turn on Demo Mode or Store Mode on Sceptre TV

How to turn on Demo Mode or Store Mode on Sceptre...

Need to enable Store or Demo mode on your Sceptre TV? Here's how.
How to change the source on Sceptre Smart TV

How to change the source on Sceptre Smart TV

Need to change the input source on your Sceptre Smart TV? Here's how.

How to turn on subtitles on Sceptre TV

Sceptre TV is a great device that not everyone knows about, however, it's filled with great features and competes for every day with big...

What TV support Disney plus (Disney +)

Despite the rather short lifespan of Disney plus, as of mid-2021, more than 100 million people had subscribed to Disney +. This makes Disney...

TV Sceptre line up 2014-2018, all models comparative table

Sceptre is a company headquartered in the US, manufacturing facilities for the manufacture of TVs are usually located in Asia (China, Taiwan). The models of...