What is dse on a TV

On LED TVs (LED) when viewing it is possible to notice the uneven backlight on the TV screen, this effect is called a dirty screen. It is especially noticeable on a gray background when only about 30% of the light flux from the backlight passes through the screen.

Why is there such uneven lighting on the screen.

This effect occurs and is inherent in LED tenoglogy. On some televisions, this effect is less than on others; even on two identical televisions, the effect of a dirty screen can manifest itself in different ways. Please note that when viewing a regular broadcast with a large color gamut, the effect is not visible, it will be noticeable when watching scenes from a video in dark colors or will be noticeable when the screen shows a picture with a brightness of up to 50%.

The effect of a dirty screen, this is not a very high-quality manufacturing of the TV screen. In LED screens, the uniform distance from the backlight to the screen itself is very important. For example, if you press the screen with your finger on a TV or laptop (quite a bit and not in a very light image), you will see how the brightness of the screen backlight changes in this place. Screen manufacturers believe that if you do not see uneven backlighting when watching an ordinary video, then this is the norm. Improving the build quality of the screen will increase the cost of the TV, and this is not profitable. The quality of the backlight is even affected by the way the screen matrix is ​​fixed in the TV case. The higher-end TV you have, the more high-quality matrix will be installed in it, but the price of such a TV will be much higher.

Dirty screen effect

The following is a test TVs in 2015 the existence and magnitude of the effect of dirty screen  rtings.com

dirty screen effect - DSE TV 2015

You can make the following conclusion, in all LED TVs there is a dirty screen effect. This is a problem with the production technology of screens. The more quality the screen is made, the less DSE effect will be noticeable.

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