OLED TV LG technology Perfect black

LG TVs claim to support Perfect black. And indeed it is. OLED technology is very different from LED technology. On OLED TVs, pixels themselves emit light. On a TV, 4 OLED LEDs make up one pixel of the image.
In OLED TVs, 4 OLED LEDs are used to create a color cast. Traditionally, it is red green, blue, also for a brighter picture there is a fourth subpixel white. In combination, depending on the brightness, these 4 LEDs create different color shades. Four OLED LEDs, this is an image pixel, this is one point on the screen that is responsible for creating a color cast.

Let’s go back to Perfect black, to create black, the LEDs turn off and stop generating light. Thus, in an OLED TV you can get a perfectly black color. In LED TVs, due to production technology and the principle of operation, it is almost impossible to get perfectly black color. Some part of the light that emits backlight penetrates through the pixels and is visible on the screen.

In OLED TVs, when we turn off the LEDs, we get the perfect black color. At this time, only OLED TVs can show perfect black color.

Advantages of Perfect black OLED TV LG

The main advantage is of course a very natural and colorful image. This is especially noticeable when watching TV in a dark room, as well as when using the TV as a monitor.

On the other hand, it is already clear that in TVs with OLED screens, the image has perfect black color. But LG decided to emphasize this feature and build on this part of the advertising company to promote their TVs.

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