How to Rearrange PDF Pages

Users who want to edit a PDF online have many options available to them, and not only to edit PDFs but to rearrange and organize PDF files. Many next-generation PDF editing tools not only let users add or remove text, add comments and annotations, or change the design layout. They also let users compile and create brand new PDF files from the pages of many different PDF files. PDFs can contain a lot of information. Some of it is relevant to a user’s need, while other parts are not. That’s why many online PDF editors allow users to merge, split, and generally rearrange PDF files to make a more concise and condensed version that better suits their needs. 

How Do I Change the Order of Pages in a PDF?

The ability to change the order of pages in a PDF is exclusive to some PDF tools. The most advanced PDF editing software allows its users to rearrange PDFs to fit their needs, while it is difficult to do with other online tools and services. But the ability to rearrange pages does exist with some online PDF editors, only it is known as merging or splitting PDFs. 

The most high-tech PDF editing software is Adobe Acrobat’s suite of programs. Adobe lets users upload a specific PDF file and then gives them free rein to manipulate the order of pages in any way they want. Users need to only upload their files, which gives users a thumbnail view of all the pages in the document. 

From there users can move around the pages they want to move around and create a new order. After they have rearranged the page order, users can save the changes and create a new PDF file, which can then be shared with others. This process of reordering PDF pages is similar to the other tools that will be listed on this page. 

How Can I Organize a PDF Page for Free?

The ability to organize PDF files for free does exist but it depends on the tool, software, or service being used. The aforementioned Adobe Acrobat suite is a paid program and also charges users for software updates and access to its cloud services. There are more cost-effective alternatives, however. 

A program like Lumin PDF allows users to rearrange or organize PDF files without charging a premium for the privilege. Lumin PDF is a near reflection of the software that Adobe offers, but it only costs users a small monthly or yearly subscription to access the program’s most advanced features. 

With Lumin, users can also upload their PDF files to the browser and then edit or rearrange the page order of their PDF files using the merging and splitting function of the program. Users can do this in much the same way that they can do it with Adobe. They are presented with a thumbnail image of each page that they can select to remove or place somewhere else. 

How Do I Extract Pages From a PDF?

Extracting pages from a PDF is very similar to the other editing options available in most PDF editing services like merging or splitting or deleting. Users need to first upload their PDF file to the service’s browser or editing suite. Once it is there, users can select the Split or Merge or Organize function (the exact name depends on the tool being used) and then select the pages they want to remove. 

These pages will not be deleted unless that is what a user wants. Users can select the desired pages and then click on Split or Extract to create new PDF files consisting of only these extracted pages. The process varies between tools and platforms, but it is also somewhat uniform across these different platforms. 

Where Do You Organize Pages in PDF?

Organizing PDFs is also known as merging/splitting PDF files, which is a common feature among most major PDF editing platforms. Even browser-based web tools let users upload many different PDF files and then let them edit those files into more concise versions or create a new file with only the relevant pages. 

To do this, users need to first make sure that the service they are using allows for merging and splitting. If the service does have this feature, users can then upload a single file, to begin with, so they can get a hang of what goes into organizing and rearranging different pages at a time. The process is almost universal across platforms. 

Users are often presented with a thumbnail view of all the pages that comprise a single document. They can then pick and choose which pages they want to extract or move to a different position in the page order so that the entire document has a more natural rhythm and flow. 

Other Manipulations With PDF Pages

Depending on the user, PDF documents can be rearranged in many other ways, besides merging/splitting. Users can also choose to shorten a PDF document by deleting certain pages, again using the thumbnail or grid view that some services enable for their users. To make PDFs easier to send and store, users can also choose to compress their files, which deletes unneeded information and design elements. 

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