Quantum dot ips

LG has set a smartphone G4 IPS Quantum display. This display technology, a new and undoubtedly gain popularity in the future.

LG occupying a leading position in the production of displays, pays a lot of attention to IPS display technology. As IPS technology are manufactured for most TV screens.

The IPS quantum display installed a new type of IPS matrix called N type. The new matrix brightness higher by 25% compared to standard IPS matrix. Contrast managed to improve by 50%. A display may also transmit color with 98% of colors.

In the photo at the top of LG G4 c quantum display, below the LG G3 c IPS display.

As LG has managed to improve the display settings?

  1. in one combined layer of the LCD layer and the sensor layer.
  2. It changed the location of crystals, which was to pass through 20% more light.
  3. Illumination to standard LEDs, UV illumination added. This combination has improved contrast.

Quantum Display why it is so named, probably to counterbalance technology Samsung Quantum Dot.

Quantum Display-advanced production technology LCD displays, LED light source is mounted behind the screen.

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