Samsung Neo QLED is a new line of Samsung 2021 televisions and a trademark owned by Samsung. Registration documents for the SAMSUNG QLED NEO trademark were filed by Samsung on 09.09.2020.

Samsung Neo QLED 2021 TVs

Samsung Neo QLED TVs certainly have features that set this line of TVs apart. These are both programmatic and technical improvements. Let’s find out what’s special about Neo QLED TVs.

10 features in Samsung 2021 NEO QLED TVs

  • The first and main feature is the screen, the QLED NEO series has improved screens made with QLED technology. But the feature is the backlighting, mini LEDs are used, as Samsung claims, mini LEDs are 40 times smaller than previously used LEDs. In turn, for these displays, Samsung has also applied for registration of the trademark QUANTUM MINI LED. Since the number of LEDs has changed and there are many more, it is necessary to change the backlight control system. For the new backlight control algorithm, which is a new control chip, Samsung also came up with a new trademark Quantum Matrix.
  • The second feature of the NEO QLED TVs is the use of the new Neo Quantum processor.
  • Design Infinity One, all TV manufacturers strive to make the frame around the screen as small as possible, with NEO QLED TV the frame is very small. It is almost invisible when watching TV.
  • Slim One Connect – Samsung has long been using technology where the TV consists of two parts, the screen and the main control unit, the brain of the TV. In 2021, Samsung reduced the size of the control unit and now it is not next to the TV. Many people didn’t like it if the TV came with the box separately. The new Slim One Connect can be attached to the back of the TV or mounted next to the TV, whichever you prefer.
  • Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro – Since TVs are quite large, there is support for simulating sound movement behind an object on the TV screen.
  • SpaceFit Sound immersive sound, the TV has several speakers pointing in different directions, the TV itself has a built-in microphone. The TV analyzes how sound is reflected from walls and furniture. Sound waves have different attenuation properties depending on the frequency, in addition, the furniture also reflects sound differently, the TV, by analyzing which frequencies are more attenuated, the level of attenuation on each side, adjusts the frequency and volume of the individual speakers. The result is very high-quality surround sound.
  • Samsung Health – various electronic fitness devices and programs are very popular nowadays, Samsung Health Smart Trainer improves and personalizes home workouts.
  • Super Ultrawide GameView – allows you to change the aspect ratio of the displayed image, available 21:9 and 32:9, this is suitable for gamers and allows you to adapt the TV to the standard screen resolution supported by video cards of computers and game consoles. The TV does not need to scale the aspect ratio of the image, thereby reducing the TV’s response time.
  • Google Duo support, you can use the TV as a screen for video calls, and if you install an interactive camera, you can walk in front of the TV and the camera will track your movement.
  • PC on TV – you can connect a personal computer and work on the computer using the TV as a big screen via the applications on the TV.

Of course, the biggest change is the new mini LED screen. Although, most likely, the NEO QLED is just the next stage of QLED screen improvements. This upgrade in screen production does not require a large capital investment. Mini LED screens can be produced in existing factories, but the image quality of Samsung TVs is improved.

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