Samsung TV picture in picture

Since modern TV is practically a computer. And working with different signal sources, there is no problem showing multiple images at the same time. What is PIP – this is when when displaying the main image on the screen, you can display the image from another source in a small window. This feature has long been available on computers. It appeared on TVs much later, the reason for the processors in TVs was much weaker and the processing power was insufficient.

In many televisions, including some models of Samsung TVs, there is an opportunity when watching a TV show on a TV show in a small window another channel or video from another source. This feature is called Picture in Picture (PIP).

With what source of the signal works Picture in Picture, usually with all available for example, you can play a video game and watch the TV channel waiting for the beginning of the telecast, or watch youtube and wait for the beginning of the telecast.

Viewing the second video is available from the sources:

  • HDMI 
  • USB
  • TV Tuner
  • Internet

In TVs that have two tuners, you can watch two TV channels at once.

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