Samsung launched the planned price reduction on line phones Galaxy S6. Price reduction takes place in the framework of the strategy adopted by the company to promote new products. Sales started in late April for the month, all who wanted to buy the phone is already done. To stimulate sales of a reduction in prices by 10-40%. The second point is the preparation for the sale of a new model phone is rumored to be the phone of the series A, presumably A8.

So phones S6 with memory 32GB in the US lost 42% in value and became instead be  1099$ total 638$.

Model edge instead of  1199$ also became a standing  879$ less at 21%.

64GB model is  1299$ instead of  839$ price cut of 35%, edge from 1499 $ to 989 $.

128GB from  1299$ to  1200$ is not getting cheaper.

128 edge from 1599 $ to 1315 $ 18%

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