Samsung has added a new line of devices in the TV section. Laser projectors, series The Premiere, such projectors are also called laser TVs. Since they are mainly designed for viewing video. Laser projector, it is a small rectangular device with the dimensions

  • Size LSP7T (inches W x H x D):
  • PROJECTOR: 20.9 x 5.2 x 13.5
  • packaged: 26.6 x 10.1 x 18.9
  • Size LSP9T (inches W x H x D):
  • PROJECTOR: 21.7 x 5 x 14.4
  • packaged: 26.6 x 10.1 x 18.9

Behind the device, as with any TV, there are ports for power, internet, HDMI, USB.

The cost of LSP7T, LSP9T why so expensive.

The cost of LSP7T -3499,99$, LSP9T -6499,99$, the cost of projectors is quite large and commensurate with the price of a good TV. Why laser projectors are so expensive, in ordinary TVs 70% of the cost is the screen. And a laser projector does not have a screen, but it is quite expensive to produce imaging chips (DLP) and the cost of the laser is also quite high, the more power the laser the more expensive it is. We certainly understand that the initial price is overstated, and next year the LSP7T is likely to cost less than $3000, while the LSP9T price will fall below $6000.

What is Samsung The Premiere, how it works

The Premiere is a projector that uses a laser as its light source. Special lenses divide the laser beam into three basic colors. After division, the laser beam hits the mirrors of the DLP chip, reflecting from the mirrors of the imaging chip, the beam hits the mirror to reflect the image by 180 degrees, this allows you to place the projector next to the screen, then into a magnifying lens. This principle is used by all manufacturers of laser projectors, and chips are used, perhaps even by the same manufacturer. The main chip developer is Texas Instruments. For the first time DLP chips supporting 4K were developed in 2015, but Samsung has not produced projectors before and only in 2020 decided to produce a projector positioned as a TV. LG, Hisense have been manufacturing such projectors for several years.

LSP7T LSP9T main differences

The two projectors are externally the same, but use different chips to create the image, so the LSP7T can create an image with dimensions of 80-120 inches. The LSP9T can project a 90-130 inch image. The LSP9T is brighter than the 7T, which means that the image of 9T will be brighter. But there is a small remark: the projectors use the ANSI lumens brightness parameter and this parameter is not equal to the classical Lumen, although it does not matter, projectors up to ANSI 4000 lumen brightness are designed for use in rooms without bright external lighting. Simply put, Samsung projectors are designed for use in a darkened room. Well, the sound of Model 9T has the best sound format 4.2 total power 40W, LSP7T has a sound format 2.2 total power 30W.

Viewing video on LSP7T LSP9T laser projector

Although Samsung states that viewing is possible on any white wall, you will see the image, but the quality will be poor, for normal viewing you need to paint the wall with a special paint. Such paint has an increased reflectivity.

You can also buy a special screen, there are many options.

And of course, you need to provide darkening of the room, bright lighting reduces the brightness of the image.

Service life of laser projectors LSP7T LSP9T

According to Samsung, the lifetime of projectors is about 20,000 hours, which is about two years of uninterrupted operation. This is of course a lot and under normal use, the projector should last about 10 years. This statement is based on an internal study at Samsung.

Distance from the wall to the projector

Projectors LSP7T LSP9T installed from the wall at a distance of 3 to 10 inches, respectively, the further away from the wall installed the projector changes the size of the projected image. There may be a question, but you can make the image size of 200 inches, if you move the projector further away from the wall, no can not, the image will lose clarity. The internal device of the projector allows you to adjust the image sharpness only within a certain range. Below is a picture and a table of distances and screen size.

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