Samsung RU8005, Samsung RU8000

The Samsung Premium Series TV is represented by only one RU8000 model with a UHD screen resolution. The TV model is available with a screen size of 49, 55, 65, 75, 82 inches.

Samsung TV models RU8000 list US, Canada

Screen Size81.5"74.5"64.5"54.5"48.5"
StyleFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,160
screen bit10bit (8Bit+FRC)
type scrennseries premium
Panel technologyVA
BacklightingUltra Slim Array
screen backlight typeEdge
Dimming TechnologyUHD Dimming
Stand Type (Color)Flat Foot Simple
Bezel WidthSNB
Motion Rate240120
refresh rate12060
ColorDynamic Crystal Color
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Picture EngineUHD Engine
Sound Output20W
Speaker Type2CH
Multiroom LinkYes
OSTizen 5.0
Smart HubYes (incl. Sports, Music and TV Plus)
Digital Clean ViewYes
Ultra BlackNo
Closed CaptioningYes
Game ModeYes
Eco SensorYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYes
Google AssistantYes
Auto Channel SearchYes
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)Yes
Channel GuideYes
Ambient ModeNo
Auto Power OffYes
AI TechnologyNo
Apps PlatformSmart TV with Bixby Voice, Apps and Full Web Browser
Auto Motion PlusYes
Embedded POPYes
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)Yes
TV to Mobile - MirroringNo
USB HID SupportYes
AI UpscaleNo
Easy PairingNo
Inputs & Outputs
RF In Terrestrial/Cable InputYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes
Digital Audio Out (Optical)Yes
Audio Return Channel SupportYes
One ConnectNo
Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand72.4" x 41.4" x 2.4"66.3" x 38" x 2.4"57.3" x 32.9" x 2.3"48.7" x 28.1" x 2.3"43.4" x 25.1" x 2.3"
Product Size (W x H x D) With Stand72.4" x 43.9" x 15.1"66.3" x 40.5" x 14.9"57.3" x 35.4" x 13.1"48.7" x 30.6" x 9.3"43.4" x 27.6" x 9.3"
Product Weight With Stand105.8 lb.87.7 lb.57.5 lb.43.0 lb.32.2 lb.
Digital BroadcastingATSC/ClearQAM
Analog TunerYes
Remote controlTM1950A

You can buy the following TV models in the US and Canada. In other countries, the model number may be slightly different. What models offers Samsung in other Starnah we also consider.

  • UN82RU8000FXZA
  • UN75RU8000FXZA
  • UN65RU8000FXZA
  • UN55RU8000FXZA
  • UN49RU8000FXZA

What is special about the TV RU8000

This is a TV series 8, more advanced TV models with screens on quantum dots. What can be noted both from the good side and from the bad.

  • Screen with a color depth of 8 bits, to increase the color depth, a scanning light is used, an 8-bit screen + FRC. This is not quite good, even more colorful image on TVs with 10bit screens without FRC.
  • The sound, although this is a premium series, there is no subwoofer in the TV, it makes the sound less saturated with low frequencies. But if you use external acoustics it is not critical.
  • Note the model with a screen diagonal of 49 inches. In this model, the screen with the maximum possible frame rate of 60 per second. TVs with large screens are equipped with screens with 120Hz matrices.

Design RU8000

Design like all modern TVs. Televisions differ only in stand and screen framing, in modern TV 97% is the screen. No special from other TVs, the build quality and quality of plastic parts of high quality.

Samsung TV models RU8000 list Australia

In Australia, the TV model RU8000 is represented by just two models.

  • UA55RU8000WXXY
  • UA65RU8000WXXY

The technical characteristics of the TV are the same. There are slight differences in the software, adapted to the conditions of a particular country, for example, there is Freeview Plus. As well as a digital tuner standard DVB-T (T2 Ready).

Samsung TV models RU8000 list New Zealand

In New Zealand, RU8000 is available in three versions.

  • UA82RU8000SXNZ
  • UA65RU8000SXNZ
  • UA55RU8000SXNZ

In New Zealand, television sets differ in the type of digital tuner, DVB-T / S2 are installed. The motion rate in countries with a frequency of 50Hz electrical network indicates a multiple of 50. And in countries with a frequency of 60Hz electrical network, a multiple of 60. But there is no difference in this. Announced Picture Quality Index, it is 2500 units.

Samsung TV models RU8000 Europe

In Europe, model numbers may vary slightly by country.

Samsung RU8000 United Kingdom

  • UE49RU8000UXXU
  • UE55RU8000UXXU
  • UE65RU8000UXXU

The maximum size of the TV screen is 65 inches. Also applies PQI (Picture Quality Index) which is 1900 units in the TV with a screen size of 49 inches and 2500 units of 55 and 65 inches. DVB-T2 / C / S2 digital tuners. The TV comes with two magic remote and standard remote control (TM1950A + TM1240A), but only for models with an XU at the end of the model number.

Samsung RU8009 Germany

Parameters are the same as in other countries. Only the model received the number RU8009. The TV is equipped with 1 remote control.

  • UE49RU8009UXZG
  • UE55RU8009UXZG
  • UE65RU8009UXZG
  • UE82RU8009UXZG

Samsung RU8005 France, Spain

France four TV models. Parameters are similar. Changed model number to RU8005. In Spain, on the official website of Samsung, so far only the model with a screen of 82 inches.

  • UE49RU8005UXXC
  • UE55RU8005UXXC
  • UE65RU8005UXXC
  • UE82RU8005UXXC

Samsung RU8000 Italy

Italy standard marking model number.

  • UE49RU8000UXZT
  • UE55RU8000UXZT
  • UE65RU8000UXZT
  • UE82RU8000UXZT

Samsung RU8000 Poland

Poland, while only one model with a screen of 82 inches but there will be other models. Televisions received markings RU8002

  • UE82RU8002UXXH
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