What is Smart ThinQ Technology

Like many other companies, LG is trying to unite the different household devices in a network via the Internet. The user is able to remote control devices, and receive communications.

LG Smart ThinQ

Smart ThinQ – the common name of a smart home technology, each device has its own program of cooperation with which is provided by the work of home appliances and transmission of information on the network. LG Smart ThinQ is the generic name for LG smart home technology. It includes several programs that are responsible for working with certain devices or is responsible for a certain general function for LG devices.

What is LG Smart Grid

  • Smart Grid – energy efficiency, allows you to program the device to operate in off-peak hours, such as having a multi-zone home electric meter can be programmed washing machine included at night when electricity costs are much lower. Note that such a function have other devices.
Smart Grid
Smart Grid

What is LG Smart Manager

  • Smart Manager – It allows you to make an intelligent refrigerator, buying products with a smartphone can make their shelf life to the memory of the refrigerator, after the file has been downloaded in the refrigerator it will report any product shelf life expires or inform about any end products. As an example, in a tray for eggs installed sensors, sending a request for the fridge, you can learn how many eggs are in the refrigerator or refrigerator will send a message about the critical balance of such eggs 2 pieces. This function is very inconvenient, labor-intensive and is not yet widespread.
Smart Manager
Smart Manager

What is LG Smart Diagnosis

  • Smart Diagnosis – correct diagnosis fault appliance allows you to quickly fix the problem, very often some little thing does not give the device to work correctly. Initially, this feature worked well, the phone is loaded in special programs, including home appliance to the reception of the acoustic signal as a response to the phone to receive audio DTC network Interent sound code is sent to the service center, the specialist performs decoding signal and finds the cause of the fault. The latest versions of the phone can immediately see vchem problem, the connection device and the phone takes place on the network. This function will only be primitive faults, such as open door of the washing machine. The function will develop gradually.
Smart Diagnosis

What is LG Smart Adapt

  • Smart Adapt – software update is available only for devices with computerized management. The device binding on WI-FI receives updates from the Update Center. The value of this function is rather conventional.
Smart Adapt

What is LG Smart Access

  • Smart Access – management appliances, you can connect a smartphone to household equipment (using the interent). The options that can be done remotely by many, including a washing machine, change the temperature in the refrigerator, but it is not clear why. You can also control the robot vacuum cleaner, it’s like a toy remote. Certainly oven may indicate that cooking is over, although it is possible to put a reminder on your phone or use the Internet.
Smart Access
Smart Access
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