Samsung SUHD TVs what is it

In 2015, TVs made with quantum dot technology will go on sale. Although the term super is not directly applicable to this screen, the clarity of the image is absolutely identical to UHD screens made by LED, OLED and SUHD technologies. This is more of a marketing name, the prefix super is very popular in Asian countries. But most likely this name will not stick, because it does not reflect the features of TVs.

SUHD TV mean

Actually, SUHD simply means that the TV screen is made with quantum dot technology, although quantum dot technology does not explain the features of the displays. I will now explain the differences between such displays. SUHD (QLED) displays use a specially developed material whose particles (crystals) are ultra-small at 1.5-5nm: 1m x 10-9. It’s not just the very small crystals that make up the material. These materials are very pure and are capable of transmitting more light. Images on such displays are bright, with saturated colors, which allows for more color shades. Pixels are made of such materials.

They are essentially LED displays, but with improved materials used to make them. In this case, we see a struggle between the two giants of TV manufacturers Samsung bet on the production of displays with quantum dots, and LG on the production of OLED displays. As practice shows, it is likely that after some time there will be an exchange of technology or exchange of components. Samsung will produce OLED TVs using LG’s screens. LG will produce TVs with quantum dot screens by buying displays from Samsung.

QLED (SUHD) displays are cheaper to produce than OLED displays, let’s look at examples of 2015 TVs in the US.

Samsung UN65JS9500-5999$ – SUHD technology
LG 65EG9600-8999$ – OLED technology
As we can see on the 2015 TVs, the price of SUHD TV is 30% cheaper, they use 30% less energy, the light output is higher than in But OLED has one undeniable advantage, you can make any shape display and get a perfect black color.

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