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How to turn up or down the volume on TCL Roku...

If you have lost the remote control of your TCL Roku TV, then do not get upset, you can control it without the remote control.

How to disable pointer on LG Magic Remote

If you use the LG Magic remote, you can control the TV using the red pointer which helps to select and activate picture...

How to know the manufacturing date of a Samsung refrigerator

Knowing when your appliances were manufactured is very helpful in a number of ways. Of course, in most situations you don't need to...

How to disconnect from Wi-Fi on TCL Roku TV

If you need to disconnect TCL Roku TV from the wifi, it will be quite easy to do.

How to connect headphones to Samsung TV

Modern Samsung TV gives you the opportunity to connect to them a variety of accessories. You can also connect your headphones to the TV.

How to see the edit history of Microsoft Excel

Have you ever worked with someone else in Microsoft Excel and suddenly found out that someone made a mistake filling out a table? To find the guilty one, you should use the table change viewer to help you.

How to delete your Amazon feedback

Did you leave positive or negative feedback on Amazon and then change your mind? Don't worry, you have the option to remove it.

How to stop Safari from unzipping downloaded files automatically on Mac

Nowadays, Macs are widely used for different tasks. It's convenient to use them for work and entertainment. Developers have managed to make the device...

How to turn on subtitles on Sceptre TV

Sceptre TV is a great device that not everyone knows about, however, it's filled with great features and competes for every day with big...

How to change the input source on LG TV without the...

LG Smart TVs are known for their quality and useful features. LG Smart TVs give you an excellent opportunity to stream the content from...