We give an analysis on sales OLED TVs Amazon.co site and Amazon.co.uk. Since OLED TVs were among the first to release the LG company and all models are included in the top of sales is LG’s.

Consider the top five best-selling TV UK and the US.

First place: in the United States occupies a TV 65EF9500, UK model LG 55EC930V. Model 65EF9500 a new course at the price of a large, UK citizens give preference to cheaper TV models.

Second place: goes to the same model of TV in the US 55EG9100, UK LG 55EG910V, good model of the TV with a curved screen.

Third place: United States 55EF9500, UK LG 55EG920V

Fourth place: US OLED65G6P a new TV 2016, at the beginning of March is available to pre-order and only in America. UK 4th TV 65EC970V.

Fifth place: US OLED65E6P  also a new TV 2016, United Kingdom  55EG960V.

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