Content Optimizer what is it

The specifications of Panasonic TVs mention of the use of Web Content Optimizer technology. What is this technology and what it does on TV.

The first mention of this technology has arisen not in connection with television or devices. It refers to the use of different technologies for the rapid display of Internet sites on the computers. And implies construction of optimal (optimization) site on the server.

In short then the user downloading a page should not be long, and it is necessary that he got the opportunity as soon as possible to be able to view the site. To this end, different methods were used, namely, the definition of important content pages, and the secondary. Or the use of intermediate-speed servers with installed software for optimization. They were determined to give the page that the user should be loaded first.

Example loading images in Google Search you first loaded the first image and then the other below it.

Or downloading site, you first displayed item, and then a variety of banners and advertising.

Typically used for the optimization of both technologies. And some of the engine is implemented in the browser.

How does it work Web Content Optimizer

In this case, as claimed by performance technology to optimize web content Web Content Optimizer – clean and smooth transfer of video and images downloaded from the Internet.

The implication is that (for example) by downloading video from youtube you will first boot the video, and then when it reaches such a video viewing for a couple of minutes, advertising and recommended materials. You can watch the video, without delays.

But this is not true to a large extent depends on the download speed of Internet speed, but to some extent the browser in the TV also helps to get a faster web browsing.

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