When studying the technical parameters of monitors, you can find a mention that the monitor is certified by Windows 10. In previous years, this was Windows 7 or Windows 8 certification. But, what it means for the user and how it affects the monitor. How a monitor that is certified for Windows is different from an uncertified monitor, let’s look at the differences and find out what Windows monitor certification means.

What is the difference between a certified Windows monitor and an uncertified monitor?

Modern monitors are Windows-certified or uncertified, they are no different. And a non-Windows-certified monitor will work fine with this operating system. Since the monitor is originally designed to work as a device that should show a picture. Almost all monitors have a built-in controller that transmits information to the computer about the monitor model, color depth, support for HDR standard, the maximum supported frame rate, screen resolution. Very cheap monitors may not transmit information to the computer.

Certified Windows monitor features

What does a user of a certified Windows monitor get? And the user gets only the ability to automatically configure the operating system for the monitor. And it works as follows, when such a monitor is connected to a computer, the computer software requests and receives information about the monitor. And the Windows operating system automatically sets the necessary parameters for correct display of the picture. Resolution, color depth, working frequency of the monitor and so on. The user does not need to do anything enough to connect the monitor and Windows will automatically set the necessary parameters for the correct display of information on the monitor.

As we have already said, monitors without Windows certification will also work and most monitors will also be automatically connected to Windows. Mentioning that the monitor is certified for Windows, this is marketing aimed at the buyer. And it gives the impression that this monitor is better than a monitor without certification.

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