Smart Eco Saving is a local dimming technology used in Samsung monitors. The same technology is used in Samsung TVs. According to the manufacturer, Smart Eco Saving saves up to 10% of electricity thanks to environmentally friendly technology, without visible loss of image quality, while adjusting the RGB gain.
Of course, Smart Eco Saving has nothing to do with the environment, except that the following statement can be made, if the monitor uses less electricity, it saves resources for power generation.

How Smart Eco Saving Works

At the heart of Smart Eco Saving is the technology of local dimming. The monitor screen is backlit, in which the LEDs are divided into zones. When the screen shows an image with black areas, in these places on the screen backlight turns off. And you do not see a gray image, but the one that is as close to black as possible. Reinforcing RGB color, this statement also includes what you get when you turn off the backlighting LEDs, black becomes closer to black, and reducing the backlighting level on black areas slightly increases contrast.

These technologies emerged about eight years ago, when the backlighting of screens began to be made by LEDs. This allowed the collection of LEDs backlighting in the zone. With regard to energy saving, the statement is very controversial, when viewing an image on a light background, such as when working on the Internet, Smart Eco Saving will practically not work and energy savings will be close to zero.

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