In some series of monitors Samsung invented the backlighting of the monitor, for example in a series of monitors Odyssey. This backlight is called Infinity core Lighting. The backlight is built into the back of the monitor, where the monitor is mounted to the stand.

This is not a new solution, the first one was Philips. In the beginning of 2000, Philips came up with the idea to place LED strips on the back of the TV, which changed the brightness and color in the first versions arbitrarily, then the possibilities of lighting were expanded, the rear lighting to adjust to the color of the picture on the TV screen. Philips patented this technology and named (Ambilight). But other manufacturers have refused to license this feature.

And only Samsung in 2020 decided to do something similar. Perhaps Infinity core Lighting is licensed or found the conditions under which the patent is not violated Philips, perhaps that’s why the backlight and is made in the form of a circle.

How Infinity core Lighting works

Infinity Core Lighting works quite primitively, the installed LEDs can create 52 colors, and there are 5 light effects available: one color, alternating colors, iridescent overflow, smooth color change, flashing and rapid blinking. You can customize the Infinity core Lighting to work accordingly. The Infinity core Lighting effect can only be seen when working with a monitor in a dark room. This is because the main effect of lighting should be the reflection of light from objects in the room.

Why is the Infinity core Lighting invented?

The application of Infinity core Lighting can be explained as follows:

Backlighting separates the monitor from other series of similar monitors
By turning on the Infinity core Lighting, the dark room is not only illuminated by light from the monitor screen, but also by light from the back of the monitor.
Whether such illumination is necessary, it is individual, but many users of Philips TVs, with similar illumination declared that they used the illumination only several times mainly at the first turn on of the TV and setting.

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