What is LG Reader Mode

Since the monitor can be used not only for watching videos, LG has come up with a pre-image adjustment. This mode is activated at the touch of a button. Preset monitor settings in Reader Mode include.

  • Reducing blue color, the image becomes yellow as newsprint.
  • Decrease screen brightness

Why this is needed, a bright white image on the screen negatively affects the perception of the image, especially when reading. Eyes get tired quickly, other negative consequences are possible.
Decreasing the level of blue, the screen shade shifts from snow white to yellow. Yellow color has a calming effect, reducing the strain on the eyes. In this screen mode, read more comfortably.

Each time manually changing the image settings is long and not practical. Manufacturers of monitors and televisions in the image settings include some preset settings, including Reader Mode.

How to enable reading mode on the monitor

If the monitor has such a mode, then it can be enabled through the monitor menu. The second way, manufacturers display on the monitor a button that quickly switches monitor modes. Pre-installed modes are not many standard, game, movies, reading mode.

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