Eye Saver Mode Samsung What is it

Eye Saver Mode – it’s just a setting defined in the monitor when you turn on this mode, the monitor changes color adjustment. There is a decrease in dark tones, the screen image becomes warmer tone. Warm tone more relaxed effect on a person. 

This is a pre-setting of the image, the parameters of contrast, brightness, saturation of the image are entered into the TV memory at the factory. Enabled when eye saver mode is selected.

Why was invented Eye Saver Mode

The Eye Saver Mode was invented for the convenience of the user when you sit down to work with documents or just read something with the click of a button you turn on Eye Saver Mode. The second reason is marketing, for the best sales it is necessary to lure buyers, the more all kinds of operating modes and settings in the monitor. This monitor will seem to be much better, but in fact very often it is not.

The monitors have user settings that can be set up to select and monitor.

Picture at off mode Eye Saver Mode

Eye Saver Mode off

Eye Saver Mode mode enabled.

Eye Saver Mode on
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