Many remember how an advertising campaign in 2012 TVs with viewing 3D images were presented. Timid inappropriate comments about this functionality, drowned in the commercials, many buyers when selecting the TV gave preference to models that support 3D. But as time passed and what we see, 3D is left only in the top-end TVs. Why did it happen, there are different opinions, but we believe the reasons are as follows.

how much more expensive 3D TV

Initially, at the start of sales of 3D TV manufacturers are not betting on this technology, it was just a fad. The increase in cost of production of TVs with 3D is not much order of $ 20 in the TV plus 3D glasses. But manufacturers certainly earn it, so 3D model costs more than $ 50-100 a normal TV.

Reason for stopping production 3D TVs

The main reason for which stopped production of 3D TVs, the lack of 3D content, a year out of about 30 movies or 3D cartoons. Most watch a new movie in the cinema, re-watch 3D at home is not particularly desirable, and the view in 3D requires full attention to the screen.

After some time, and potential buyers are aware of the fact that they do not need a TV with 3D. They are quite satisfied with an ordinary TV set and without 3D. It remains a small segment of customers who use a TV as a monitor mode and use a double play on a 3D TV.

Given the lack of demand for 3D models and access to the market of TV models with UHD screens and HDR was not profitable to produce TVs with 3D. In the future will be produced with 3D TVs but release of such models will only be in the upper price segment.

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