Sony to offer the technology to improve image quality, namely dark areas. With this technology the image on the TV screen will be automatically adjusted to achieve the highest quality images, the technology is similar to Peak Illuminatoru Samsung.

How technology works X-tended Dynamic Range

How does X-tended Dynamic Range PRO: the image of any pixel has a predetermined brightness and color but when shooting can be fixed very small difference in brightness or color between adjacent pixels. See details in this picture become almost impossible, the image processing program analyzing the color and brightness of the pixel alignment produces color and brightness to the appropriate eye view.

The viewer sees just such a picture.

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technologies

It only works with dark areas (video shot in low light) on the bright picture is not noticeable.

So this is a technology that aligns the brightness of the image. Image processing is done at the program level using specially designed programs and pre-installed on the TV.

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