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Samsung washing machine serial number 1990-2022 decode explained

What Samsung washing machine serial number means The serial number of your Samsung washing machine is not just a bunch of numbers and letters....

What is SPDIF output digital audio out mean explained

What is S/PDIF connect and Digital Audio Out There are two SPDIF standards by connector type, copper and optical. These two standards...

Panasonic TV model number decode, exlained 2011-2022

Panasonic Viera TV model number What you should know about Panasonic TVs. The Panasonic brand belongs to the Japanese corporation Panasonic. In...

LG remote not working how to fix

LG TV remote not working 2011-2021 If you have an TV with a LG magic remote not working, you should know...

55 inch TV dimensions mean, explained

What is the size of a 55-inch television. Yes, when choosing a TV, you will of course be wondering what size 55-inch TV...

Samsung TV Remote Not Working How To Fix

Samsung remote control does not work Samsung TVs come with two types of remote controls. Universal remote control and Smart remote control. Universal...

Sony TV model number decode, mean, explained 2012-2022

Sony TV model number brief overview Sony TVs have a model number, which contains information about the size of the TV screen, the...

Dual LED on Samsung TVs what is it

Dual LED on Samsung TVs Since 2020, Samsung QLED series TVs announced the new Dual LED technology. Samsung even filed a patent for Dual LED. What...

How to turn on subtitles Samsung TV

Subtitles can be useful because they visualize the audio of a show or movie. By default, subtitles are usually turned off on Samsung TV,...

How to know the refresh rate your Samsung TV supports

You should know that modern televisions support a maximum frame rate of 120 frames per second. TVs can be divided into two types. The...