Samsung TV Smart Remote (One remote) Compatibility List 2012-2021


If you need a remote control for your Samsung TV you can use the official spare parts website (remote controls). You should also know that there are two names for the remote control. For example, TM2180E is a marketing name and there is a part number that is BN59-01357A. Samsung recommends looking for a new remote control using the part number.

Types of Samsung Remote Controls
  One remote and universal remote

Samsung TV remote controls are divided into two types: standard or Smart (One Remote).

How Samsung remote controls work – smart and universal

Standard remote control – controls the TV using infrared radiation. It supports all TV controls except voice control. These remotes are less convenient to use. But their advantage is that you can buy any remote and it will work with your TV as long as it is manufactured in 2012-2021.

Also, the standard remote allows you to enter the hidden menu of the TV to control the settings at the operating system level. This option is for service technicians.

One Remote, Smart remote control – This remote control communicates with the TV using infrared and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is used to control the TV with voice commands and to search for information on the Internet. The Smart Remote Control is more user-friendly, it can receive voice commands and then transmit them to the TV. For Series 6,7,8 TVs with regular screens, the Smart remote control comes without a microphone because these TVs do not support voice control.

Samsung replacement remote controls for TVs

There are many remotes available as replacements for the original remote control. These remotes are made by third-party companies, these remotes may not support all the functionality of the original remote. If your remote control costs about 20 dollars or less, it most likely does not have Bluetooth and only works in the infrared range. The cost of the original Smart remote control is about $50-60.

Samsung Remote Control Model Numbers

As I said before, there are two types of Samsung TV remote control model numbers

Commercial model number of the remote control TV Samsung – this designation is for Smart remotes TM1950A, TM1950B, TM1950C, standard remotes M1240A or Universal so remote control Samsung called on the official Samsung website in the description of the TV.
The model number or part number can be found on the remote control, this model number looks like BN59-01266A. Remotes are sold with these model numbers in stores.

Samsung Smart Remote, Samsung One remote compatibility list

The appearance of the remote control for Samsung TVs has not changed in recent years. Minor changes are possible, for example, separate buttons can be added to call the most frequently used applications. In 2021, a solar cell was built into the remote control to recharge the batteries of the remote control.

Compatible remotes from different years – all remotes from 2017 onwards are interchangeable and can control basic TV functions regardless of the year of manufacture. Before 2016 remotes are not interchangeable, you need to look for a specific remote control model compatible with your TV. Infrared beams are used to turn the TV on or off, then the smart remote control works using bluetooth.

Samsung TV remote compatibility list 2012-2021

model remoteItem model numberTypeyear TV modelPrice $ AmazonCompatible LG TV models
TM2180E BN59-01357ASmart (Solar) One Remote202180-100QLED: QN9**A, QN8**A, QN7**A , QN9*A, QN8*A, Q8*A, Q7*A, Q6*A Life Style: LS**A
TM2180*BN59-01274A, BN59-01266A, BN59-01292ASmart One remote202150-60AU8***, AU9***
TM2095ASmart One remote202050-60 The Terrace: LST*T
TM2050*BN59-01330A BN59-01329A, BN59-01266ASmart One remote202050-60Q8**T, Q9**T, LSR9, LS**T, Q7*T, Q8*T, Q9*T, TU8***, TU9***
TM1950*BN59-01312A, BN59-01312GSmart One remote201950-60 Q***R, Q**R, LS**R, RU****
TM1850A (B, C)BN59-01259BSmart One remote201829 NSxxxx, NUxxxx, series QxxNx, series LSxxNx,
TM1850BN59-01300ASmart One remote2018100Q9FN
TM1750A (B,C)BN59-01266ASmart201749MS****, MU****, Q****,
TM1680A (B, C)BN59-01241ASmart201648KS****, KU****,
TM1560A (B, C)BN59-01220ESmart201590JS****, JU****, J****
TM1490*BN59-01184b, BN59-01185F, BN59-01181ASmart201480HS****, HU****, H****
Smart2013165F****, FS****, S9
TM1240ABN59-01180Astandart2012-202118All TV
TM1250ABN59-01178Bstandart2012-202149All TV
TM1260СAA83-00655Astandart2014-202149All TV

Samsung TM1240a remote control

TM1240A – The standard remote control is suitable for any Samsung TV. TVs without an Internet connection were equipped with such a remote control. But then it became a standard remote control in addition to the Smart TV remote control. The TV is controlled by infrared radiation. Main functions: switching programs, adjusting sound, controlling TV settings through the menu.

Samsung Smart Remote control for TV series A TM2180E, TM2180A


The 2021 premium TVs come with an advanced smart remote, called the solar sell. This One Remote has solar cells on the back of the remote and uses these cells to recharge the batteries in the remote. It reminded me of Japanese calculators 1980-1990 years, they also had solar cells, the idea is not new but saves batteries, which is relevant nowadays. The standard AU series TVs are equipped with the usual Smart remote control. Remote control works with TVs

  • QLED: QN9**A, QN8**A, QN7**A, QN9*A, QN8*A, Q8*A, Q7*A, Q6*A;
  • Life Style: LS**A;
  • Crystal series: AU

Samsung Smart Remote control for TV series M, N, R, T 2017-2020

remote control 2017

The appearance of the Samsung One remote 2017-2020. The remotes are very similar in appearance, also the original 2017-2020 remotes are interchangeable. But if you bought a replacement this rule may not work. So I still recommend checking if the remote is compatible with your TV before buying. You can see the compatibility with TV models in the table.

Remote Control for Samsung K Series 2016 TVs

remote control 2016

Remote control for TV series J 2015

Remote control TM1580A (TM1560A, ТМ1560B)

This remote control from the Smart Touch Control series for Samsung 2015 J-series TVs, the remote controls the smart TV The feature of the remote control is that it is controlled via bluetooth (wireless connection). The remote needs to be paired with the TV for it to work properly.

The TM15** remote works with the 2015 (J) UE60JS7200U TVs. It must have a bluetooth receiver to work with the TV.

Remote control for TV series H 2014

Remote control TM1490A

Smart Touch Control Model 2014 fits into the TVs designed in the 2014 TV (H) series. UE65HU8500T.

Remote control for TV series F 2013

Universal remote control Samsung TV 2012-2021

Remote control TM1260C

remote tm1260C

A variation of the standard console comes with a TV for some countries such as the United States.

Remote control TM1250A

The standard TM1250, TM1260 remote control controls your TV using infrared waves and is fully functional but awkward when typing and surfing the web. These remotes come with TVs equipped with Smart TV

The TM1240A remote comes with TVs that do not have Smart TV, there are no Smart control buttons on the remote. Currently supplied with TVs as an addition to the Smart remote control.

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