Description Dolby MS10 vs MS11 (MS10 / MS110) what is it? Differences


For the decoding of sound using special sound decoders Dolby MS10 / MS11 is a family of decoders developed by Synopsys. sometimes also called decoder MS11, MS110 but this is not correct and does not correspond to the technical documentation Dolby. It is a chip designed specifically for audio processing.

Dolby MS10 and MS11 is a decoder that can simultaneously encode and decode Dolby multiple audio streams using the decoders in the device, eg TV, the manufacturer solves the problem of support Dolby different products at the lowest cost.

These decoders are sound one or two nuclear audio sound processors, and they are specifically designed for TV, multimedia set-top boxes and other consumer devices.

Why are they used? Decode the audio stream can and ordinary processor but it will consume a considerable amount of resources, the installation of the separate specialized processor allows you to:

Firstly, to reduce the load on the main processor can direct its resources to other tasks, such as processing the television video and audio processing the task will handle the audio processor.

Secondly, the use of the audio processor does not require additional software development and allows you to perform a compatibility between different products Dolby, such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse.

MS Processor 11 may have one or two cores. The single core processor chip used AS211SFX, dual-core AS221BD.

MS11 single core, dual-core processor

tech specs Dolby MS 11

Advantages of MS 11 in comparison with the MS 10.

Because the processor MS 11 has two cores it is possible to receive and handle two incoming channels of digital audio may output audio in digital format 5.1, and MS 11 allows you to adjust the sound level, for example when watching a movie sound the same level, and in the commercial break level is much higher (louder) MS11 allows you to align the sound.

Dolby MS10 vs MS11

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