HID compatible devices wat is it explained


What is hid human interface device

HID class devices (for human interaction), it was developed and generalized in order to get the user to connect various devices without having to install additional software.

The HID class consists of keyboard, mouse and other computer devices.

It is understood that if the device is an HID compliant then connecting it to the main unit supported by HID, it will automatically be identified and plugged. As an example of Panasonic TVs support the HID device to your TV and you can connect a keyboard or a wireless mouse but they should also support the HID profile.

This class was originally coined to USB devices, but then was also distributed on the Bluetooth device.

Other protocols using HID

  • Bluetooth HID – Used for mouse and keyboards that are connected via Bluetooth
  • Serial HID – Used in Microsoft’s Windows Media Center PC remote control receivers.
  • ZigBee input device – ZigBee (RF4CE) supports HID devices through the ZigBee input device profile.
  • HID over – Used for embedded devices in Microsoft Windows 8[
  • HOGP (HID over GATT) – Used for HID devices connected using Bluetooth low energy technology


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