What is a human interface device



HID (human interface device) class devices (for human interaction), was developed and generalized in order to get the user to connect a variety of devices without the need to install additional software. It is understood that, for example, a secondary device can be connected to the main device; for their operation, it is not necessary to install additional drivers and connect the device. The most common use of HID that all users find is a computer. For example, even 10 years ago, when connecting a keyboard or mouse, it was necessary to install special drivers that were supplied with the device. Now, after buying a new laptop mouse, just plug it into the computer and the computer will configure the drivers itself and the mouse will work.

What can be HID devices

The HID class consists of keyboard, mouse, game controllers and other devices.

It is understood that if the device is a HID Compatible connect it to the main device supports HID, it will automatically be identified and plugged. As an example of Panasonic TVs support the HID device to your TV, you can connect a keyboard or wireless mouse but they should also support HID profile. 

This class was originally coined for the USB drivers but then was also distributed on the Bluetooth device.

At first, many manufacturers produced various devices that were supported only by certain devices. For example, you can recall Samsung TVs that only supported Samsung keyboards for TVs. Samsung sold such keyboards for $ 60-80. But other manufacturers made televisions with support for HID devices, which made them more attractive for purchase. As a result, Samsung abandoned this practice.

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