Sharp TV models number decode explained by year 2016-2019 (US, Canada, Mexico) American continent


Sharp TVs brand history

In mid-2015 Chinese group buy Hisense TV manufacturing plant in Mexico, and with it the right to sell in the US, Canada and Mexico under the brand Sharp TVs Hisense production. On the official websites of Sharp in the United States is no longer presented TVs released in 2016. 

As a result, the transaction was completed and the Sharp TV brand was transferred to Hisense.
But in Hisense they decided to make Sharp TVs cheap using the brand image that was previously created by a Japanese company.
The Japanese corporation Sharp later stated that the quality of Hisense TVs under the Sharp brand is very poor. And it does a huge damage to the image of the company as consumers consider all Sharp products to be bad. In court Sharp decided to terminate the agreement with Hisense. As a result, an agreement was reached between the companies in early 2019. Hisense agreed to sell the rights to the Sharp brand back.
Japanese corporation Sharp plans to resume production of televisions for the Americas at the end of 2019.

The promotion of Sharp TVs in the market of North America, the owner of the trademark Hisense, does not. Almost stopped selling TVs in Canada and Mexico.

Trademark Sharp for TVs, is actively used only in the US, although in terms of technical characteristics it is Hisense TVs.
As a rule, it is not always profitable for companies to support several brands in one group of products. Sale of TVs under the brand Sharp is likely to be discontinued in a few years.

Sharp TV identification models number for North America (made by Hisense)

Sharp TV model number decoding example

LC- 55N7000U

  • LC – TV
  • 55 – inch screen size

What year Sharp TV model, how to find out

  • N – series of 2016, P – series 2017, Q – series – 2018
  • 7 – series
  • 000 – design
  • U  – TVs for the US, Canada, Mexico.


In 2019, Hisense did not introduce new TV models. Since the rights to the brand are returned to the Japanese company Sharp. Hisense simply sells the remnants of its televisions produced in 2018.


In 2018 nothing new with TVs did not happen, the same models of 2017 only with a new designation of the TV model number.


A set of functions standard for HDR TVs, Smart TV, 4K screen resolution.

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