What are commercial, hotel TVs and displays unlike home TVs


What are the differences between commercial, hotel and regular TVs?

TV producers, in order to expand the range of TV sets, divide them into TV sets for home and commercial segment. The commercial segment, in turn, can be divided into:

  • hotel TVs
  • hospital televisions
  • TVs for office.

Commercial displays what is

Separately, commercial displays can be distinguished. Commercial displays can also be divided into several segments.

  • Office displays – these are large displays for displaying information used in presentations and meetings, now such displays make interactive with a touchpad in the screen, which allows the speaker to easily control elements on the screen with the touch of a hand.
  • Displays for outdoor advertising are large screens designed to display promotional materials, videos, banners.

Distinctions of commercial TVs: what is the difference between a hotel TV and a TV for home.

Commercial TVs are used in hotels, stores and bars. By its technical characteristics are similar to TVs for home. The differences in additional functions that are in demand in commercial use, but are absolutely unnecessary for the home. And have the following differences.

  • Since it is provided for use in public places, the TV can be locked with Kensington Loc. Theft protection. All saw the devices in stores tied to the counter with a thin cord. For fixing on the device there is such a special lock.
  • It is possible to tie only one remote control to the TV, this allows you to control only one TV even if they are standing next to each other.
  • You can clone the settings to record to USB and transfer them to other TVs. This is useful if you need to set up more than one TV for example in a hotel.
  • Block the change of settings by users. Set a password to access critical settings.

Commercial displays features

Commercial displays are screens whose task is to display information, they do not have tuners like in a TV. Also, depending on the conditions of use, commercial displays may have better protection against external influences such as moisture. They can also be designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures. So they can work both in winter in cold and in summer in heat. They are also designed to work around the clock and have increased brightness.


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