What is the Infinity Screen on Samsung televisions and phones?


In the description of some products of the company Samsung, you can meet such a characteristic of the product as an endless screen. But, what is it that we get, having a TV with such a screen, not everyone can immediately understand. But we will explain what the Infinity Screen is in Samsung TVs and other devices.

What is the Infinity Screen in TVs?

Infinity Screen – with this screen can be a TV, monitor or smartphone and means that the device has a very small frame around the screen. If you look at a TV with this screen, of course you can’t talk about any endless screen, but the image on this screen looks much more pleasant, because when you look at it, you do not pay attention to the frame around the screen, your attention is not distracted by the frame around the screen. The TV, which has a very small frame around the screen, looks stylish and very harmoniously blends into the interior of the room, especially if you use wallpaper for your Ambient Mode TV.

Modern technologies allow you to make a screen for the TV, which does not require a massive frame to attach the screen, as a rule, these are TVs that have a direct backlighting of the screen, the backlighting LEDs are placed behind the screen. As a result, you can install such a screen in a very thin frame or make a TV even without a frame. Like any home appliance manufacturer, Samsung advertises its products using marketing. For TVs and other products with a screen design that minimizes the size of the frame around the screen, the Infinity Screen was named.


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