Who makes Insignia TVs


Insignia brand TVs with Amazon Fire Smart TV operating system is produced by Chinese corporation Hisense. Some other models were produced by other Chinese manufacturers. But the main supplier of Insignia TVs is Hisense.

Who owns the brand Insignia.

Insignia brand is owned by Best Buy Co., Inc. and owns the Best Buy chain. The brand is actively used to sell products such as TVs, refrigerators, small appliances, telephones, car electronics.

Positioning Insignia TVs

Best Buy positions TVs as an inexpensive consumer brand, TVs have mediocre technical parameters, but they are inexpensive. And they are designed for buyers who want to buy a cheaper TV. Therefore, TVs have very mediocre screens with color depth of 8 bits and frame rate, 60 frames per second. In 2018 Best Buy signed an agreement with Amazon to use the operating system Amazon Fire Smart TV in their TVs. This more deeply integrates Insignia TVs with Amazon services. Also brand Insignia TVs in the person of Bes Buy become a partner of Amazon and TVs are sold through Amazon.

Where Insignia televisions are produced

Best Buy is a retail network, as it is clear, it does not develop TVs, TVs are ordered under the brand Insignia from OEM, ODM manufacturers. On the Internet, there is an opinion that Insignia TVs are produced from components of Samsung, LG, Toshiba previous years. But this is not the case, the policy of leading manufacturers is that they supply only screens. Electronics designed for LG and Samsung TVs are not supplied to third-party assemblers. This is done in order to block the production of replica televisions. Well, Toshiba in general since 2015 does not produce TVs, licensing brand Compal Electronics, Inc., and in 2018 Toshiba completely got rid of the direction of video, selling its visual solutions division Toshiba. Bought this division Chinese Hisense.

So who produces Insignia TVs, if we look at the sticker, we will only see a reference to the fact that the TV is made in China.
Insignia TVs with Amazon Fire Smart TV produces Chinese Hisense. To understand Hisense of the total number of assembled TVs, under its brand sells about 50% of the TVs. The rest of the TVs are produced under other brands.

Insignia TVs warranty service

Best Buy, as the brand holder, provides warranty service for sold TVs. The policy of warranty repair is that it is cheaper to replace inexpensive TVs in case of failure with a new TV than to repair. More expensive TVs with larger screens are repaired.

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  1. Insignia TV from Best Buy are very good. It’s 3 years+, the picture is still just as bright and clear since the day I bought it. Will buy again when and if the time comes.


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