How to disable subtitles on a Samsung TV


Subtitles help you better understand the content, especially if you’re watching content in a foreign language. However, subtitles can be very annoying because they obscure part of the picture.

In such a situation, you may want to turn off subtitles on your Samsung TV and this article may help you.

How To Turn Off Subtitles On Your Samsung TV

It’s very easy to disable subtitles on Samsung TVs. Samsung has provided this, so you can do it on any Samsung TV in a couple of steps.

But keep in mind, sometimes the TV operating system is updated and the steps you should follow may vary slightly depending on the manufacture year of your TV (and OS version respectively).

Switching off subtitles on your Samsung TV explained

There are a few things to keep in mind before you switch off subtitles.

Subtitles are available in content and apps that support them. In order for the TV to show subtitles, the subtitle information must be transmitted along with the video file. Also don’t forget that streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video have their own subtitles and you need to switch them off in the app.

I mean there’s no one simple pattern to disable subtitles. For example, subtitles for Prime Video need to be switched off in Prime Video. Similarly, when watching DVD and Blu-ray videos, you should disable and enable subtitles in the disc menu.

On your TV, you can also switch off subtitles broadcast on terrestrial or cable television.

How to find how to disable subtitles in the Samsung TV menu, disabling subtitles in TV programs

Switch on the TV, take the remote control and press the menu button. Then follow the steps below:

  • 1.  Use the arrow buttons on the TV remote and select “Settings“.
  • 2.  Select “General
  • 3.  then – “Accessibility
  • 4.  select “Caption Settings
  • 5.  then select “Caption

You will be taken to the subtitle display settings. If the subtitle display is on, the dot next to the Caption tab will be green. After you press OK or Enter on the remote control, the dot changes color and becomes grey. This means that the subtitle display is switched off.

For a better understanding you can follow the screenshots below.

captione setting step general
Captions settings

captione setting step accessibility
Captions settings

captione setting
Captions settings

Can’t disable subtitles – what can I do? Deactivating subtitles from another source

If the subtitles don’t disappear after you switch them off on the TV this means that the subtitles are generated in the app or external source over HDMI.

In this case, you should check out how the TV receives video: via the internet or HDMI.

Most satellite and cable set-top boxes include subtitles and their settings affect the display parameters. Such set-top boxes aren’t connected to the TV via the wireless input but use an HDMI connection.

After you’ve understood the video source, go to source settings, find the “Subtitles” menu and deactivate them there.

Disabling subtitles in apps

If you’re watching a streaming service (using the internet) you can disable subtitles in the app. For example, let’s see how to disable subtitles on Amazon prime Video

subtitle setting Amazon prime video step 1
subtitle setting Amazon prime video step 1

subtitle setting Amazon prime video step2
subtitle setting Amazon prime video step2

Check Subtitles off to disable subtitles. 

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    • This is the TV model for Brazil.
      001 is usually a Smart geolocation error.
      When you get this error on the TV. What country you are in.

            • This is a blocking from Samsung of illegal devices. Most likely the serial number of the TV, does not match your model of TV, or such serial number does not exist, it can also be a variant of this batch of TVs was stolen from Samsung. When you connect to the Internet, the TV connects to Samsung servers, the serial number of the TV is blacklisted, you get blocked. Option not to use Smart (Internet)

              • Danm god! I buy it from a guy on site like ebay in Brazill, the guy change phone number and I cant talk with him anymore.
                Is impossible watch nothing, when tv start this screen I send a print appears and nothing more happens, keys dont work, only power on/off. I can trying disable smart (internet) on service menu or something like this to can use this tv offline anyway or with chromecast.
                May be some change in service menu?

                • Try turning on the TV without the Internet. Disconnect the Wifi router or unplug the Internet cable. If this does not help, there is information in the TV’s permanent memory. You can try doing a factory reset in the service menu without connecting the internet. If this does not help, you need to buy and replace the main board of the TV.

                    • Yes information about the TV on the main board. You will get a new serial number for the TV. You can look for a similar TV with a broken screen or a new board. It costs about $100-$150.


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