Dofollow Backlinks vs Nofollow Backlinks. In this article, we will explain to you everything about Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks in a very easy way.

If we own a blog or website, it is our main target on how to improve our page rank and positions in Google.

To rank the page Google uses different types of factors. Amount and quality of backlinks are the most important of them.

For SEO we have to work on two fronts.

First, the quality management of the page which is known as On-page SEO. It is done inside the website.

Secondly, promotional activities outside the website which are called Off-page SEO.

Backlinks are part of the Off-page SEO.

Further, a backlinks can also be one of two types: Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks:

Every link is a Dofollow link but some people make it a Nofollow link for different reasons. However, we need Dofollow Backlink to improve the rank of our page.

Why do we need Dofollow backlinks?

When we publish content on the website, we want more and more visitors to visit our page.

Therefore, to rank higher in Google, we need Dofollow backlinks.

To get a backlink from other websites, we should send them high quality content with backlink to our page and ask for publication. It would be better if we get backlinks from highly ranked websites. So we should prefer to choose highly ranked websites and pitch them for backlink.

How to get backlinks from other websites?

You can send your links to other websites in several ways, like as follows:

  • You can write a guest post for other websites.
  • By publishing a promotional article.
  • By writing a comment in their comment section.
  • You can submit your website to Web Directories

Additional advantage of putting your link on other websites is that the visitors who come to those websites can see your link. Thus, they can also come to your page through that link.

Why do we need Dofollow Backlinks?

When a backlink refers to our page from any website, it is deemed that the related website is giving recognition and acceptance to our page.

A dofollow backlink is considered a vote for the linked page by that website.

In the case of Dofollow backlink, it is deemed that,

  • The related website is recognizing the linked page.
  • The related website has a positive attitude for the linked page.
  • It is accepting the trustworthiness of the page.
  • It gives consent to count the backlinks. Therefore, Google counts them to rank the page. Thus the Dofollow backlinks are helpful in increasing the rank of the page.

It is noteworthy that every backlink is by default a Dofollow link unless it has a Nofollow attribute.

For example, let us take the Washington Post which is a highly ranked website.

For receiving backlinks from this website, you write a message in the comment box of it.

The visitors who come to the Washington Post can come to your page following your link. Thus you can get a Dofollow backlink from the Washington Post. In this case, the link juice coming to your page from there will help to increase your page rank and positions.

But the Washington Post, if they want, can make these backlinks Nofollow backlinks.

What does Nofollow Backlinks mean?

Generally, websites send Dofollow backlinks to our page.

But in case, A website does not want to give recognition to the link sent by us, it puts the Nofollow attribute with that link. In such a case, the backlink is called the Nofollow backlink.

The Nofollow backlinks come to the linked page but Google does not count them. So they play no role in increasing the rank of the concerned page.

Why do websites put a Nofollow Tag?

There may be various reasons for a website to put Nofollow Tag but the most common reason is that the related website does not want to bear the responsibility of giving recognition to the page linked to it.

For example, we take Wikipedia.

The format of Wikipedia allows visitors to make the necessary edition in the published content. So many users keep on updating the content according to their knowledge. Many users out of them keep on mentioning the link of their pages also in order to get the backlinks from Wikipedia.

Since Wikipedia can not give recognition to the pages in such a huge number so it puts a Nofollow tag with every link.

In this case, Visitors can come to the related page but link juice will not be counted by Google.

In the same way, when a website does not want to recognize or approve the linked page it puts a Nofollow tag with the link.

By doing so the website indirectly says to Google that it does not recognize the concerned link.

For example, When a website finds a spam link, it wants to avoid it and does not want to approve it. In such a situation, it places a nofollow tag with that link.

Many times websites have to mention links to other websites just for reference but they do not want to establish any relationship with that website so they use Nofollow with such links.

For example, Wikipedia mentions links to other websites in its articles for reference but it attaches Nofollow with these links because it does not approve those websites.

Is Nofollow tag really a big issue?

According to the Google algorithm, traffic coming to your website via a Nofollow tag is not counted to rank. Therefore, it is not useful for improving the SEO of your website.

But, it can still be beneficial for you.

Though the visitors coming to the linked page are of no use for that page but if they like that page, they can visit the other pages on your website. Thus they can become your regular followers. Therefore, the Nofollow backlinks coming to any page of your website can be useful for your website overall.

Therefore, instead of worrying about Nofollow backlink, you should focus on the quality of your content.

So first you should manage On-page SEO including keyword research, meta description, quality of content, etc.

Secondly, you should pay full attention to Off-page SEO including backlink and social media management.

In this article, I have explained all about the backlinks in detail.

Now you should also know how to attach a nofollow tag with a link sent to your website.


I have given you detailed information about Dofollow backlink,  Nofollow backlink and the importance of backlink for SEO. To control all backlinks attributes use Linkbox dofollow link checker

Ultimately, we can say that backlinks are undoubtedly a significant factor for SEO of our content.

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