Dual LED on Samsung TVs

Since 2020, Samsung QLED series TVs announced the new Dual LED technology. Samsung even filed a patent for Dual LED.

What is Dual LED – in order to see the image, you need to highlight the LED screen at the back. Samsung came up with two types of LEDs to highlight the image. One LED shines with a cold light, the second shines with a warm light.

According to Samsung, this type of backlight will make the image on the TV screen even more realistic.

How Dual LED works on Samsung TVs

Can a change in the spectrum of the backlight affect the quality of the picture, let’s think. The pixels on the TV screen are a kind of filter designed to transmit only one wavelength. So the materials from which the pixels are created have a selective bandwidth of the light flux. There are only three types of them red, blue, green.

  • Cold color – blue color prevails, it seems to us that this color is very white, snow-white.
  • Warm color – reduced blue color, the light becomes yellow.

It turns out that changing the type of backlight can only affect the brightness of blue pixels. Accordingly, the image will change in the blue spectrum, for a TV this means a change in overall perception, the image will be warmer or colder, the color tone of the image will change. How these LEDs will work together or separately is still unknown. But on the other hand, as it were, there is nothing special about it, they can change the general perception of video, televisions can already be 30 years old. For example, movie modes, games, dynamic modes work on this principle.

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