Apple iPhone phones are quite expensive and popular. Counterfeiting iPhone is a profitable business that counterfeiters are trying to make money on. But obvious fakes also find their customers, someone wants to show that he has an Apple phone, emphasizing the possibility of acquiring an iPhone.

What are fake iPhone

Fakes are different and designed for different customers. We’ll tell you what iPhone counterfeits are in terms of quality and features.

  • Fakes imitating the appearance of the iPhone. Focused on buyers consciously buying fake.
  • IPhone fakes mimicking the look and feel of the iPhone. Oriented to mislead the buyer.
  • Fakes, copies of iPhone imitating original phones. Copies of the original phones.

IPhone imitations

As a rule, sellers of such phones do not hide that it is a fake. Such phones are bought by someone who wants to prove himself the owner of the iPhone. It’s just an Android phone, but the look is like an iPhone. Android software.

IPhone fakes simulating the appearance, simulating icons on the iPhone screen

Such fakes are made by wanting to sell a fake like a real iPhone phone. Appearance imitates iPhone, the operating system on Android, but a high-quality imitation of the iOS desktop screen is made in software. Such fakes are often tried to be sold by hand or online. The sellers of such phones are trying to sell a fake to a buyer who does not understand how to check the phone for originality. Phones are packed in an exact copy of the box like the original iPhone.

Fakes, copies of iPhone imitating original phones

There are a lot of ways clrkfnm copy iPhone. Let’s talk about the main tricks on fake phones. IPhone but not original.

Fake iPhone Model

One way to make money is to sell the phone of an earlier model as the latest phone model. In this case, you can earn by selling a more expensive outdated phone model under the guise of a new model. For example, in China you can buy. overlays for the camera. for iPhone X, XS simulating iPhone Pro cameras. In this case, sell the iPhone X as the iPhone Pro.

Repacking the phone (replacing the more expensive iPhone model)

The second way is to repack the cheaper phone in a box from under the more expensive. For example, put the iPhone 11 Pro and pack it in a box from the iPhone 11 Pro max. Externally, the phones are similar. You can determine that this is not the right phone model by checking the serial number, IMEI on sites with a database of Apple phones. Although only a very small number of phones are faked, the upfront costs are large.

Build Semi Original iPhone

The third way, the assembly of phones from original spare parts and not original. The hardest thing to get is Apple’s proprietary processor. If this succeeds, then the missing parts can be replaced by ordering a similar manufacture but copies, the screen housing can be easily made from third-party manufacturers. This phone is packaged in a copy of the original packaging and sold. It is very difficult to determine such a fake, but it is possible if the processor and motherboard are not officially registered with Apple, then during the check it will be reported that there is no such serial number in the Apple database. How fake iPhone makers get genuine parts. Partially stolen in factories, under the guise of faulty ones, normal spare parts are written off, defective components must be destroyed, but there were cases when such components were not destroyed. Spare parts are written off at service centers, but are not actually installed during repairs.

IPhone copies

Making copies of the iPhone. Copies are usually made of obsolete models. This is a completely counterfeit production. From non-original spare parts, iPhone obsolete for 3-4 years is assembled. Serial numbers, IMEI numbers and so on are taken from the databases. A copy is made, which during verification will show that such a phone was made, the activated warranty is over.

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