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Reddit is a popular platform for communicating and sharing various content. In the English-speaking community, this resource is positioned as the main or first page of the Internet. This is a very ambitious statement; nevertheless, reddit.com has indeed long and confidently established itself in the list of the world’s most popular sites. And this isn’t surprising, because there are thousands of active discussions on various topics, both serious and the kind to just pass the time.

How Reddit works and why it’s so popular

Reddit was created in 2005 and was originally used as a tool for link exchange. Over time, the resource has turned into an aggregator of diverse content and the main English-language platform for communication. Reddit is a site that combines the features of a social network and a forum. This resource is a large number of communities, which specialize in a variety of topics. One of the main advertising appeals of the site is “Immerse yourself in anything.”

The Reddit site consists of “subreddits,” of which there are already nearly three million. Each community’s name begins with a set of r/ symbols, followed by the name itself. “Subreddits can be created for a wide variety of topics and directions. Almost any user with the most unique interests can find their niche on the site. For example, you can join the subreddit r/battlestations, where people share a beautiful and practical desktop, so that others can find interesting ideas and get inspired.

Reddit has become so popular thanks to the philosophy of the classic forum, which has been adapted to modern needs and trends. People come there both just to chat and to find answers to questions that simply cannot be found on the Internet, and often it’s discussions on Reddit that Google shows in the first place to a particular question. The basis of a social network forum is publications and comments.

Also, there’s such a thing as Karma on Reddit. In simple terms, it’s an upvote (or “likes”) counter that is counted in the user’s profile. Basically, it’s not a necessary element of the social network, but the attention to your record is always nice. Those who have a lot of karma consider themselves to be very respected people, if not the elite.

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What about Reddit posts and comments section

Since Reddit is about communication and sharing in bulk, its main engine is user posts. The post contains information about the author who published it, the community, and the awards received. Unlike forums, on Reddit, the relevance of a post is decided by its rating. It’s essentially a system of likes, but like YouTube, posts get either “plus” or “minus”. This is called upvoting and downvoting. If your entry gets a good upvoting ratio, the system considers it worthy of attention. That’s how an entry crawls from the “new” section to the “hot” and “best” sections. The publication is also provided with buttons for opening comments, awarding the post, saving, “sharing” and hiding the publication.

Comments, by the way, can be left by everyone and, moreover, comments can also receive upvotes and downvotes from users. The more comments and positive activity a post gets, the more chance it has of making it to the top of the subreddit, and if a lot of people like the content then the post can go viral all over the internet.

The comments themselves look like general replies under the posts of any social network. By the way, you can also create discussions and threads under the comments. That is why Reddit is the place where discussions take place non-stop, there’s too much information in some places, and Reddit may seem overwhelming to those who are just starting to learn about the social network. However, you just need time and a little knowledge of how to filter information properly.

Is it possible to search through comments on Reddit

Just a couple of months ago, Reddit introduced quite a few new updates to its search features, and the most interesting of them is the new ability for users to search for certain comments. Those who are new to Reddit are in luck because the most recent users almost had to ask the developers for the option to search for comments. And finally, they took pity and introduced this feature, which will put an end to the endless scrolling that you would otherwise have to do to find a particular comment.

Although Internet users who sit mostly on mobile devices, don’t get too excited. According to an official Reddit statement, the new comment search feature “launches on desktops,” which may upset those who don’t have access to a PC or laptop. Nevertheless, the feature will allow you to display a list of search results for comments related to your search query. To find a specific comment or several comments on a certain topic, follow these steps:

  • Open Reddit in your browser and enter a keyword into the search field provided.
  • Hit Enter to search, then use the “Comments” button at the top of the page to limit results to comments made on the site.
  • There’s also a filter by subreddit using the magnifying glass to the left of the search field.

Yes, this new feature though does have the disadvantage – you can’t filter comments, unlike posts. That is, you cannot filter by date or choose which order to have them sorted.

One of the main advantages of the Reddit platform is the high quality and relevance of content on almost any topic. Joining the Reddit platform will allow you to always have access to the latest global “trends” and ensure an effective search for highly specialized information.

The resource is developing and updating its design. Reddit’s mobile app is also gaining momentum and provides convenient access to all of the platform’s tools. Sign up for a dozen or two topics that interest you, and every day you can consume good-quality content that will help with self-development. No photos of children of forgotten acquaintances, no snotty entries of personal content – just a content aggregator based on human response. Thanks to the strict moderation and rating system, materials of more or less quality make it to the top.

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