Processors from AMD to compete with Intel, to win the market offers a lot more types of processors.

Consider the designation of AMD processors for desktops and notebooks, note that the designation of processors for laptops is practically the same.


In this segment, we are at the beginning of 2017 the following categories of processors

  1. AMD FX™ CPU
  2. AMD Athlon™ X4​ CPU
  3. AMD A-Series APU
  4. AMD Athlon™ 5000 APU, AMD Sempron™ 3000 APU

Decode  model number processors  AMD FX™ CPU

FX 8370E 

  • FX – processor series
  • 8 – Identification of the processor in the series, it also indicates how many physical cores in the processor, there is an exception 9 model in its 8 cores but these processors require water cooling.
  • 370 – processor type
  • E – processors with less energy consumption

Decode  model number processor AMD Athlon

Athlon processors in its name contains the basic information, such as  X4 Quad-Core Processors.

Decrypt very simple X-Series processor has 4 cores 880K type indicates the model in the series.

Decode  model number processor AMD A-Series

This series is designed for games, A series processors have built-in graphics cores and this CPU will better handle video or graphics.


  • A – processor series
  • 8 – the number of cores in the processor 6 6 cores, 8-10 cores 10-12 nuclei, usually the main cores 2 or 4 other graphics core.
  • 600 – processor type

Decode  model number processor  AMD Athlon™ APUs

Low-power processors for low performance computers, the processor designation marking 5350 for example, the higher the number the more efficient processor.


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