Do not subside discussion explosion hazard phones Samsung galaxy note 7, namely cases of fire battery of these phones.

In fact, this problem is not new and periodically arises from other manufacturers. There are reports of phone fire during charging or during use. Producers were statements about the limitation of the battery level, etc. But the problem lies not in the phone itself as well as the manufacture of batteries.


Battery itself, is susceptible to the processes that occur when a manufacturing error or the poor quality of materials used.

I for example have witnessed the explosion of the car battery, it just exploded, but thanks to the robust battery casing, damaging the top cover and through the hole, there was excessive pressure release.

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The battery can

  • Explode
  • kindle

Phone battery explosion

Battery explodes when there is a circuit of battery cells, is very fast and high-rate discharge as a result of the allocation of large amounts of heat, which has no time to dissipate excess pressure may occur inside the battery. The battery can be increased in size or, in the worst case happens to explode if damage to the internal components.

Ignition occurs when closed various battery pole, in this case there is not a controlled discharge of the battery and heating and its subsequent fire.

These problems are purely technical and depend only on the quality of the battery manufacturing. But no matter how qualitatively manufactured batteries which the defect rate is always there. Manufacturers are aware of this and if there will be intsindent with battery. May declare that the cause was the use of another manufacturer’s charger (hinting at the poor quality of the device), not observing the operating conditions (battery damage).

Protect batteries in phones.

Manufacturers of long ago are aware of these problems and try to deal with them, set protection, such protection may be several.

  • Temperature fuse – in the case of heating the battery opens the contacts disconnect the battery from the device. Such protection only works if after the fault occurs in the thermal fuse device, and not in the battery.
  • Controller current load, and limits the charging current of the battery discharge. It controls only the external processes but does not control the process inside the battery.
  • The use of special interlayers in which case the battery overheating and melted in the accumulator is stopped processes.

Thus, protection does not correct the processes inside the battery there, but not always work. Important role played by the quality of the battery manufacturing. So handset manufacturers are faced with the battery production quality. In the case of Samsung galaxy note 7 of these problems manifested themselves almost immediately after the phone-to-market, and not least in the warranty period. Also, the percentage of marriage to an explosion or fire the battery has gone beyond the permissible value, forcing the manufacturer to withdraw the device from the user and discontinue the sale of new devices.

Problems with the batteries have been, are now and will, therefore, batteries are forbidden for air transport.

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