Some countries use the two designations Refresh rate (native) and TruMotion to indicate the capabilities of LG TVs. What do these parameters mean and how do they affect the image quality on the TV.

What is Refresh rate (native)

Refresh rate (native) – this is the maximum frequency with which the TV is guaranteed to display video, no distortion or artifacts. Modern TVs support the following Refresh rate parameters.

  • 50 Hz – The standard frame rate applies to countries in which the voltage of the electrical network is 50 Hz. For example in Europe. This frequency is supported by LG entry-level TVs up to the 8th series.
  • 60 Hz – The standard frame rate applies to countries in which the voltage of the electrical network is 60 Hz. Example in the USA LG uses the designation 60Hz. These are entry-level TVs up to series 8.
  • 100 Hz – Frame rate (countries in which the frequency of the electric network is 50 Hz. Europe. Premium level TVs in LG are 8, 9 series Nano Cell and OLED TVs.
  • 120 Hz – a frame rate of 120 frames per second is used in countries with an electric network frequency of 60 Hz. 8, 9 series Nano Cell and OLED TVs.

Video is shot at a certain frame rate. When demonstrating video over the air, or from HDMI ports, the TV shows at the frequency with which the video comes to the TV, it can be 24 frames per second and 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second. The Refresh rate parameter ensures that video with a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second will be displayed normally on the TV.

What is LG TruMotion TV

TruMotion is a virtual parameter, usually 2 times larger than the Refresh rate. It is applied in some countries, for example in the USA. This parameter shows how the TV can visually show when turning on additional programs to improve the image display, for example, if you turn on the local dimming on the TV, Object Depth Enhancer, Ultra Luminance, the TV with a 120 Hz screen will show approximately the same quality as a video with a frequency of 240 frames per second.

This is a conditional parameter; it does not have units.

The ratio of Refresh rate (native) and TruMotion TV LG

  • 60 Refresh rate (native) = 120 TruMotion. Trumotion 120 (native 60hz)
  • 120 Refresh rate (native)= 240 TruMotion. trumotion 240 (native 120hz)
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