In September 2016 traveled around the world the news that in the US a few owners of washing machines sued Samsung due to the explosion of their washing machines. But let’s see where the truth and where the fictional story.

The US Commission on Consumer Product Safety stated that this problem concerns washing machines with top loading. But in this report there is no specifics, just worked through a message users, there is no indication series of washing machines, etc.

Yet let us consider what can explode in a washing machine, but paradoxically the washing machine is nothing to blow up, there is nothing dangerous there, washing machine is not equipped with tanks under pressure, no hazardous materials.

So, what happened, users are most likely to happen destruction of fixing the washing machine drum during the spin cycle, the impact of a rotating drum called the effect of the explosion.



Why can occur such incidents occurred. World practice shows that many companies seek to reduce the cost of production, which would be in the lead for the price losing quality. Recently, manufacturers have opted for the use of cheaper materials and parts are made of a material having the parameters worst options.

This situation is indirectly confirmed by the following analysis, the life of the washing machine in the early 2000s was 10 years old, in the modern washing machines modestly indicated the period of 7 years. This indicates that the manufacturer calculates the average number of washes per year, which is approximately 200 washes, multiply by 7 years, and we have it appears that the washing machine with the expectation for 1500 washes. Therefore, there is a division in the household appliances for home (it has a shorter life and professional with an increased service life, professional equipment more expensive home. The price consists of the fact that higher-quality components are used in the production of professional equipment.

Why could such a situation, a washing machine rather complex mechanism, so it is necessary to monitor the state of the washing machine, in case of abnormal noise or knock you must contact the service center to diagnose the washing machine.

Fire washing machines.


Hazardous elements in the washing machine, the motor and the heating heater. You may experience the circuit the motor windings or short circuit in the heating element. Washing machines are equipped with fuses against short-circuits. Ignition of the washing machine is a rare event and occurs usually at the confluence of certain conditions.

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