Samsung TV CU7000, CU7000B, and CU7000D TV models can be seen in the United States. In more detail, these TV models have the following model numbers.

  • UN43CU7000FXZA, UN43CU7000DXZA, UN43CU7000BXZA
  • UN50CU7000FXZA, UN50CU7000DXZA, UN50CU7000BXZA
  • UN55CU7000FXZA, UN55CU7000DXZA, UN55CU7000BXZA
  • UN58CU7000FXZA, UN58CU7000DXZA, UN58CU7000BXZA
  • UN65CU7000FXZA, UN65CU7000DXZA, UN65CU7000BXZA
  • UN70CU7000FXZA, UN70CU7000DXZA, UN70CU7000BXZA
  • UN75CU7000FXZA, UN75CU7000DXZA, UN75CU7000BXZA
  • UN85CU7000FXZA, UN85CU7000DXZA, UN85CU7000BXZA

But these models are commonly called the CU7000, CU7000B, and CU7000D.

The Samsung CU7000, CU7000D and CU7000B TVs are part of the Samsung 2023 lineup and share similar specifications and design. These models share the same display technology, resolution, and innovative features; choosing between them depends more on availability, price, and specific retail offerings than on technological differences. For example, you won’t be able to buy the Samsung CU7000B from the official website, it’s not available for order and here’s why.

Differences between the Samsung CU7000, CU7000B and CU7000D TVs

The differences between the Samsung CU7000, CU7000B and CU7000D TVs lie not in their technical specifications, but in the retail partnerships between retailers and Samsung.

  • Samsung CU7000D: Exclusive to Costco retailers, the CU7000D comes with an extended warranty. Buyers of this model will receive a three-year warranty, and Costco will add two years to Samsung’s standard one-year warranty. This extended warranty is a significant benefit for Costco customers and provides the best warranty coverage on the market.
  • Samsung CU7000B: Developed for Walmart, the CU7000B is differentiated by its pricing strategy. Although it comes with Samsung’s standard one-year warranty, it is available at a slightly lower price than the standard CU7000 model. This pricing approach makes the CU7000B an attractive option for consumers looking for an affordable price.
  • Samsung CU7000: The standard model in the series, the CU7000, is offered to a wide range of retailers without the special partnerships, exclusive warranty and pricing terms that characterize the CU7000D and CU7000B models.

What are the benefits of Costco and Walmart selling particular edition TVs?

Costco and Walmart receive certain benefits from the sale of certain TV series, such as the Samsung CU7000D and CU7000B, respectively.

Costco Benefits:
Increased value to customers: Costco’s offer to sell the CU7000D TV with an extended three-year warranty significantly increases the value proposition for its members. This extended warranty, which adds two years of Costco coverage to Samsung’s standard one-year warranty, is a strong incentive for shoppers.
Offering a model with an exclusive extended warranty sets Costco apart from the competition. The CU7000D, identified by a unique model number, allows Samsung to manufacture the TV exclusively for Costco.

Walmart Advantages:
Competing on price: Walmart’s strategy for the CU7000B focuses on affordability. By negotiating a significant discount when buying a large quantity of these TVs, Walmart can offer the CU7000B at a lower price than the standard model. This pricing strategy is consistent with Walmart’s overall market positioning as a provider of quality goods at low prices.
Offering such a TV at a special price increases Walmart’s visibility as a key retail partner for major brands such as Samsung.

Available sizes of Samsung TV CU7000D, CU7000B

Budget models, the Samsung CU7000D and CU7000B TVs are offered in various sizes to suit any buyer’s needs. Available sizes range from 43 to 85 inches diagonally and include eight different models. This variety of sizes allows you to find the right fit for different room sizes and viewing conditions:

  • 43 to 60 inches: These sizes are suitable for smaller rooms. TVs in this size range are ideal for a bedroom, small apartment, or studio. 
  • 65 to 75 inches: Designed for medium-sized rooms, TVs in this size range balance immersive viewing and spatial compatibility. They work well in living rooms, family rooms, or large bedrooms and offer a large screen for watching movies, sports, and regular programming.
  • 85-inch: The most prominent option in the lineup, the 85-inch model best suits larger rooms.

Samsung CU7000D, CU7000B and CU7000, what kind of TV is it?

Samsung’s CU7000 series, which includes the CU7000, CU7000D, and CU7000B models, is aimed at the budget segment of the TV market. These models are notable for their affordability, ranging from $250 for the most miniature 43-inch version to $1,200 for Costco’s most significant 85-inch variant. Prices are expected to drop about 25% by the end of the year as Samsung prepares to unveil the 2024 lineup.
The display technology used in the CU7000 series is the most economical in Samsung’s lineup, as it uses bottom-backlit screens without a full-featured dimming system. The backlight can only be turned off on half or the entire screen, making the dimming system very primitive.

Production of the Crystal series displays was outsourced to third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in 2016 to focus on the premium segment while ensuring availability in the budget category through competitive pricing, somewhat at the expense of quality, with many complaints of faulty backlighting and screen overheating in 2016-2020.

The remote control features for these TVs are basic and are not compatible with Samsung’s Smart Remote. This is an artificial limitation made to rank the TVs.
In terms of specifications, the CU7000 series offers modest features. The refresh rate is below 60Hz, and HDR support is advertised as Mega Contrast HDR, but actual HDR standards are not met due to the 8-bit matrix used in these models. This matrix uses dithering techniques to simulate a wider color range, which may overestimate the display’s color capabilities, but may only show a very small portion of HDR capabilities.

Connectivity and intelligent features are on par with more expensive models, except for some features, such as voice control via the remote. This approach gives you a pretty functional TV with mediocre picture quality.

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