Two Samsung CU7000 and CU7000D TVs models can be seen in the United States. In more detail, these TV models have the following model numbers. 

  • UN43CU7000FXZA vs UN43CU7000DXZA
  • UN50CU7000FXZA vs UN50CU7000DXZA
  • UN55CU7000FXZA vs UN55CU7000DXZA
  • UN58CU7000FXZA vs UN58CU7000DXZA
  • UN65CU7000FXZA vs UN65CU7000DXZA
  • UN70CU7000FXZA vs UN70CU7000DXZA
  • UN75CU7000FXZA vs UN75CU7000DXZA
  • UN85CU7000FXZA vs UN85CU7000DXZA

But it’s more common to call these models CU7000 and CU7000D.

What is the difference between these TV models? And which is better to buy a CU7000 or CU7000D TV? You’ll need help finding the correct information on the Samsung website. And finding the CU7000D model is not easy; you can find a link to the Samsung website when you search online, but if you want to find it on the official website, it will be challenging. This is done on purpose because the CU7000D is a special TV model; you can’t buy it from the Samsung website, and here’s why.

Differences between the Samsung CU7000 and CU7000D TVs

You should know that the Samsung CU7000D TV model is made specifically for the Costco retail chain. If we talk about technical characteristics, the TVs are identical. They have precisely the same parameters, appearance, and equipment. But there are some differences if we are talking about two different TV models. 

Yes, there are differences, and those differences are in service. The CU7000D TVs sold through the Costco network have a 3-year warranty. The first year is the standard warranty provided by Samsung. Costco covers the following two years. So when you buy a CU7000D TV, you get a three-year warranty. That’s the kind of nice bonus Costco gives its customers.

What’s the Costco benefit of selling the CU7000D special edition

I’ve already told you about the benefits of buying a CU7000D TV, but what’s the Costco benefit? Costco’s benefit is to drive TV sales because the customer’s choice is obvious. After all, it’s better to buy a TV with a three-year warranty, it’s preferable, and the customer is more likely to buy a TV with a more extended warranty if they have a choice. And the other series is made to keep track of the TV purchased at Costco. Anyone who works at Costco TV technical support knows this, a model with a D is a Costco TV.

Samsung CU7000D dimensions

The CU7000D TVs are available in the following sizes, from 43 inches to 85 inches. There are a total of 8 TV models available. Here’s what size TV you can buy, that’s the diagonal size:
43, 50, 55, 58, 65, 70, 75, 85

43-58 inch small TVs (these days) are suitable for small rooms.
65-75 inch TVs for medium-sized rooms.
85 is the giant TV in this line; if you have a big room, this TV is the best fit.

Samsung CU7000D and CU7000, what kind of TV is it

You should know that the CU7000 are budget segment TVs, the cheapest TVs. Their price starts at $300 for a 43-inch screen model; Costco’s most expensive TV with an 85-inch screen costs $1200. 

Don’t expect anything special from this TV. It has the cheapest screen with a backlight at the bottom. It has no screen dimming system, meaning it has one, but it doesn’t work. Because of the design of the screen, the backlight can only be turned off on half of the screen or the entire screen. Third-party manufacturers make the displays. Samsung no longer makes LED screens as of 2022. Samsung has been purchasing TVs from third-party manufacturers for the budget Crystal series since 2016. 

The TV has a standard remote; the Smart remote is unavailable. Even if you buy the remote separately, you won’t be able to connect it. The Smart remote is locked at the operating system level, you can turn it on through the service menu, but this is tricky and risky, as you could accidentally set the wrong settings and break the TV.  

Intelligent features (except voice control via remote control) and ports do not differ from more expensive models. 

The CU7000 is a big cheap TV with a minimal set of features.

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